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appendicitis Symptoms and Facts - How to Determine If It Is Already the Real Deal

A: Knowing more about appendicitis symptoms can help people determine how they will be able to distinguish and live through the pain. As appendicitis is regarded as a type of condition that is characterized by the inflammation of the appendix; it is also regarded as a type of medical emergency which require its removal. This includes removal procedures known as laparoscopy or laparotomy. Since mortality rate is high when left untreated, it is important to familiarize yourself with such appendicitis symptoms. This way, you can determine if the abdominal pain you are experiencing is only mimicking appendicitis (pseudoappendicitis) or it is already the real deal....


Is the incidence of appendicitis in the U.S. rising, falling or staying the same?

A: The incidence of acute appendicitis has been declining steadily since the late 1940s in the U.S. Here are some more facts related to it. ---quote---- In the United States, 250,000 cases of appendicitis are reported annually, representing 1 million patient-days of admission. The incidence of acute appendicitis has been declining steadily since the late 1940s, and the current annual incidence is 10 cases per 100,000 population. The overall lifetime risk of developing appendicitis is approximately 7%. Some familial predisposition exists. The overall accuracy for diagnosing acute appendicitis...


Are there any useful aids to excluding appendicitis? Is alvarado, ultrasound or the WCC of any use?

A: We found a significant number of documents that discuss the diagnosis of appendicitis.    A 2007 review in Annals of Emergency Medicine [1] concluded:   “Although the Alvarado and Samuel scores provide measurably useful diagnostic information in evaluating children with suspected appendicitis, neither method provides sufficient PPV to be used in clinical practice as the sole method for determination of the need for surgery.”   A 2006 meta-analysis [2] examined US via CT scans and concluded:   “From the diagnostic performance perspective, CT had a significantly higher sensitivity than did US in studies of children and adults; from the safety perspective, however, one should consider the radiation...

Does anyone know what it means to have a acute case in medicial terms?,has to do with cancer.Thank you.?

A: A simple understanding we where told when my daughter had an acute leukaemia...this ment it was quick to progress, (fast growing/multiplying cancer cells) where as the chronic form was slower to progress. Well in math acute means smaller that a 90 degree angle so im guessing it means a small case of it like a very little amount of cancer. http://www.medterms.com/script/main/art.asp?articlekey=2133 First of all, I''m sorry for your situation. I know it must be frustrating. Your aunt, however, has a right to her privacy. She''s got a lot to deal with emotionally and may not want you all to have to deal with it too. Cancer is a tough disease to handle emotionally, and people respond in different ways. If she doesn''t want anybody to know...


What effects does appendicitis have on your digestive system?

A: Effects of appendicitis on digestive system appendicitis is caused due to blockages inside the appendix caused due to excessive accumulation of waste material. appendicitis causes pain in the abdomen, diarrhea, constipation and indigestion. The digestive system is severely affected and there is swelling and pain in the lower right abdomen. To cure this you can drink one liter of buttermilk daily and include whole wheat in your diet.Try and remain on fruit and fruit juices diet for at least three to four days. This will provide the necessary fiber in the body. You can take enema of half a liter of warm water for about three days for the release of bowels. Once the waste matter is purged, there will be relief from...

I have acute pain in lower right abdomen. what could it be due to ? Any clues/remidies?

A: Causes of pain of lower right abdomen are frequently appendicitis, liver and gallbladder diseases or ascites (if there is water accumulation) Consult your doctor and get an Ultrosonography and X-ray done. Go for a checkup.Do not neglect.Good Luck. maybe you have apendix..maybe u haven''t.. just consult your doctor ok.. You should not even be reading this. Lower right quadrant pain is primarily appendicitis. When I say primarily, I mean that is what you should have a doctor examine RIGHT NOW. It could be a lot of things including the appendix. If it is tender on the right side then it probably is. It could be gas, it could be constipation, it is best to see your doctor have you been checked for kidney stones cuse they will hurt really bad...


appendicitis? Please relief, I''m really worried.?

A: It could be various things. Age of your mommy may help contained by choosing the most likely lead to. appendicitis is less feasible in Adults and elder people. Think of: 1. Pregnancy. 2. Gall bladder problems...such as stones or cholecystitis. 3. Stomach spot. 4. Esophagitis and gastritis......does she drink alcohol excessively? 5. Diverticulitis. 6. Pelvic inflammatory disease. 7. Partial bowel obstruction....have she had previous abdominal surgeries. 8. Cancerous disorders of abdominal organs......here are many. This would be unlikely if her symptoms are of recent kick-off. The list go on........do you get the point? If you did not run through extensive medical school training after use common sense and put in the picture your Mom to go to her doctor or ER for...



A: appendicitis is a rather common condition that is characterized by the inflammation of an organ called the appendix. The condition will generally require immediate medical attention as, when left untreated, it is known to have a rather high mortality rate. Initially, because of the symptoms of the condition, it is often confused with being nothing more than a simple stomach ache. This is the main reason that it is important to be able to identify and be able to correctly seek appendicitis treatment. Despite numerous amounts of research on attempting to identify the purpose of the appendix, the medical fraternity has not been able to identify the main function of the appendix in the human body. This is also because its removal does not seem...


How common is it to have appendicitis while pregnant?

A: appendicitis can occur at anytime, without prior warning, and is the most common extra-uterine emergency during pregnancy that needs immediate surgical intervention. It is caused by the inflammation of the appendix and is accompanied by acute abdominal pain originating from the centre of the abdomen and localizing in the lower right side of the abdomen. An obstruction in the appendix lumen leads to a buildup of mucus in the appendix, resulting in a swelling which exerts pressure on the walls of the appendix. It is also accompanied by bacterial growth. If not diagnosed and treated immediately, the buildup can lead to rupture or a burst appendix. This causes septicemia and can be fatal.   In pregnant women, diagnosing

appendicitis vs Food Poisoning vs Ovarian Torsion

A: Hi, It is probable that acute appendicitis can resolve spontaneously. Once appendicitis begins,it can progress to florid appendicitis, can form an appendix mass or resolve spontaneously, based on many factors. Based on your description alone one can''t hazard a guess as to whether it was appendicitis or something else.Diagnosis of appendicitis is primarily clinical, supported by raised total white cell count,polymorphonuclear leucocytosis in the differential count and ultrasonographic evidence (if present). Ideally, you must go through the above mentioned tests following a thorough clinical examination. Best wishes!...

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