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What is the safest most effective natural therapy for acute appendicitis?

A: A study involving the case histories of 1,165 patients revealed that almost 67 percent of patients who had developed cancer of the bowel before they reached fifty years of age had their appendices removed. Good for you treating it on your own....there is a link for you below to look at. You can read my page, get Sugars That Heal and ask me what to take. Web Results 1 - 10 of about 1,240,000 for acute appendicitis. (0.22 seconds) Sponsored Links appendicitis Information answers to your questions about appendicitis, appendectomy & more! www.digestivehealthonline.com Refine results for acute appendicitis:...

What are the symptoms of acute appendicitis?

A: Symptoms of acute appendicitis are fever, pain at Mc Burneys point or right side of the umbilicus and there is rebound tenderness in that area....


Y do people get my pain and chronic and acute appendicitis?

A: Basically either or can turn into dangerous appendicitis and you need to go to your doctor and discuss with him your symptom's. In both cases there is a pretty likely chance the appendix's will need to be removed at some point. The whole you feel sick and sometimes can't eat at all sounds to me not appendicitis and more like a stomach issue. Piece of advice... Don't try and self diagnose online go to your doctor they went to get a degree for many many years and know what they are doing. Good luck and please just make an appointment with the doc and don't let this continue. something simple can become complicated when it doesn't need to be....


What system does acute appendicitis effect?

A: Being an infectious process, appendicitis would affect the immune system to increase the white blood count significantly....


acute appendicitis & gangrene of the appendix

A: acute appendicitis often can be very a severe inflammation that progresses to gangrene of the appendix. Appendix gangrene is a very severe acute inflammation that is caused by necrosis of the appendix. Gangrene usually develops very quickly and a surgeon must act fast. Further, appendix rupture is a serious complication that usually follows appendix gangrene. Good for you that your appendix was removed on time because an appendix’s rupture is a serious complication that could be life threatening....

What Is Grumbling appendicitis?

A: Grumbling appendicitis, more commonly referred to as chronic appendicitis, is characterized by mild pain in the lower right quadrant of the abdomen and is the result of inflammation of the appendix, a small extension of the colon. It is usually caused by a bacterial infection and is rarer than the more severe form of appendicitis, referred to as acute appendicitis. Grumbling appendicitis usually lasts for three or more weeks before it gets painful enough to see a doctor.. The appendix is attached to the cecum, which is the first section of the large intestine, also referred to as the colon. It is found at the junction of the small intestine...


What Is Chronic appendicitis?

A: Chronic appendicitis is a rare condition that involves long-term swelling of the appendix, a small piece of tissue at the bottom of the large intestine. acute appendicitis usually produces severe symptoms, and immediate surgery to remove the appendix is typically necessary. The chronic form of the illness may not require surgery, though some doctors elect to remove the appendix in cases of chronic appendicitis because the appendix is not needed for any major bodily function. appendicitis can cause the appendix to swell to the point of bursting, which empties liquids into the abdomen that can lead to a serious infection.. Symptoms of chronic


Whats the differance in grumbling appendicitis and appendicitis?

A: Google "different types of appendicitis." There are 4 types: acute appendicitis, sub-acute appendicitis, recurrent appendicitis, and chronic appendicitis. No such thing as grumbling appendicitis. :0)...


My 9 year old might have appendicitis?

A: Yes, sometimes is just gas. Try some digestive enzymes, you can get them at the whole foods store. I believe someone with appendicitis is usually in a "Oh my God, take me to the hospital I think I''m dying." condition. I think it''s also fatal within a matter of hours if the appendix bursts, especially in a young child. That said, I wouldn''t be content until both you and the doctor are sure she''s O.K. I''m no doctor though, I''ve just witnessed a couple of people dealing with it. It seemed like an obvious thing to diagnose. #1 get a pediatrician. #2 a diagnosis of acute appendicitis is based upon an abdominal CT scan (w/ contrast) - in the ER #3 common signs and symptoms of acute...


Stress and chronic appendicitis

A: Hi and welcome to the forum! I am glad that I can help you. You want to know whether stress can contribute to the pain experienced by chronic appendicitis. Chronic appendicitis is a condition where the inflammation of the appendix is developed during a long period of time. In case of chronic appendicitis the inflammation is not as strong as in acute appendicitis so it doesn''t lead to rupture and necrosis of the appendix, but may be a cause of the appearance of adhesions and abscesses around the appendix. Both acute and chronic appendicitis are treated with surgery. Given the data that you described, you may be...

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