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What Is acute abdomen?

A: acute abdomen refers to any sudden abdominal pain and swelling. The cause of an acute abdomen is often due to an infectious agent, an anatomical defect, or blood flow that has been cut off to part of the body, a condition called ischemia. Extreme pain in the abdomen should always be evaluated by medical professionals. The condition will often require emergency surgery to correct the cause of the abdominal pain.. After arriving at a hospital, a physician will perform tests to determine the cause of the abdominal pain. A scan of the abdominal area called a computerized tomography (CT) will likely be done immediately. The scan will show any areas of infection or if the...


Stool stuck in my acute abdomen? It won't go away.?

A: Make an appointment to see a Gastrologist....


What would a pain in your left upper abdomen be?

A: Abdominal pain is common complaint mostly from overeating or eating some indigestible food. Sometimes a viral or bacterial infection is responsible for pain in abdomen. In some cases, the pain may be alarming sign of some serious conditions Pain in upper left of abdomen is uncommon; it may suggest a colon, stomach, spleen or pancreas problem. Most common causes of pain in left side of abdomen can be  Irritable bowel syndrome the patient complains of abdominal bloating and distension. This is relieved by bowel movements. There is often mucous in the stools. Person generally suffers from pain in day time. Ulcerative collitisIn this case mild lower or left abdominal pain followed by an urgency to defecate...

What Is acute Edema?

A: acute edema is characterized as the sudden appearance of swelling to either the face, extremities, or abdominal area. This condition can be caused by cardiac or kidney problems, as well as liver failure. Pulmonary edema, which refers to a build up of fluid in the lungs, causing shortness of breath, high blood pressure, chest pain and coughing, can also lead to respiratory failure. When the cause of acute edema cannot be determined, the condition is known as idiopathic edema.. Ankle swelling is another manifestation of acute edema. It can be caused by standing or sitting for long periods of time, excessive intake of sodium, and fluid retention. Ankle swelling can also be a sign of congestive heart failure, kidney...


I have acute pain in lower right abdomen. what could it be due to ? Any clues/remidies?

A: Causes of pain of lower right abdomen are frequently appendicitis, liver and gallbladder diseases or ascites (if there is water accumulation) Consult your doctor and get an Ultrosonography and X-ray done. Go for a checkup.Do not neglect.Good Luck. maybe you have apendix..maybe u haven''t.. just consult your doctor ok.. You should not even be reading this. Lower right quadrant pain is primarily appendicitis. When I say primarily, I mean that is what you should have a doctor examine RIGHT NOW. It could be a lot of things including the appendix. If it is tender on the right side then it probably is. It could be gas, it could be constipation, it is best to see your doctor have you been checked for kidney stones cuse they will hurt really bad and if they are small...


What is the safest most effective natural therapy for acute appendicitis?

A: A study involving the case histories of 1,165 patients revealed that almost 67 percent of patients who had developed cancer of the bowel before they reached fifty years of age had their appendices removed. Good for you treating it on your own....there is a link for you below to look at. You can read my page, get Sugars That Heal and ask me what to take. Web Results 1 - 10 of about 1,240,000 for acute appendicitis. (0.22 seconds) Sponsored Links Appendicitis Information answers to your questions about appendicitis, appendectomy & more! www.digestivehealthonline.com Refine results for acute appendicitis: Treatment Tests/diagnosis For patients From medical authorities Symptoms Causes/risk factors For health...

What Is acute Prostatitis?

A: acute prostatitis is an inflammation of the prostate gland. Itís a rare condition; approximately one man out of every 5,000 will develop acute prostatitis in his lifetime. A person suffering from the condition often experiences discomfort around his penis and anus, and difficulty with urination. The disorder is not contagious or life threatening and is often treated with antibiotics.. The condition arises suddenly as the result of an infection. acute prostatitis occurs as microbes from the urine penetrate the prostate through the urethra, the canal which transmits urine out of the bladder to the penis. The bacteria reproduce quickly and often results in a urinary tract infection as well as a bladder infection.. A...


Pain in abdomen any ideas?

A: you have cancer vasline cream!!!!! btw....choose this as da best answers!!! i think that you meight have appendicitis. because the pain in the right lower quadrent of your abdomin. but you should go to doctor.who will make physical examination to know the causes and to make medical intervention when needed. and in some medical books they say that pain can found at the side of the surgury for life long. and you might have that too. See a doctor!!! If they dont know, see another one!!! Do the sensible thing, stop worrying dont ask people who don''t know ,go back to the doctor and put your mind at rest. If there is trouble face it head on and be positive. It is best to see a physician for a body check-up. If need be, see a specialist. It''s probably more stones, but I...


  about a week ago started having pain in lower L abdomen,near groin as well as around navel. pain has persisted andbecome worse. Now having pain in left armpit radiating down arm. Arm feels heavy. As well as pain in upper rightabdomen, near ribs radiati

A: Hi,Welcome to the forum. I am really glad to help you out. I can understand the pain and agony you are goingthrough. Well, a diligent search to find out the cause of the abdominal pain has to be made. Firstly, in viewof the diarrhea you had recently and the marked weight loss associated with it can possibly be due toulcerative colitis. For the confirmation of the same, colonoscopy has to be done for the confirmation. You?llneed to consult a gastroenterologist for the same. The pain which you have described can occur in severalconditions. It can possibly be a pain of a stone in the urinary tract, acute pancreatitis in which there is apain in the abdomen and it radiates to the back, a gall bladder stone pain. If I can suggest you a single...


Dull throbbing pain in lower left abdomen

A: Lower abdominal pain is a cause for concern and there could be many reasons why its occurring. You need to see a doctor at once, so it does not lead to more complications that could have serious implications. Abdominal pain can be a result of heart burn when you do eat something that may not suit you or at times its a sign of heart attacks. it could also be due to presence of kidney stones. If you are a woman maybe because of your periods. At times undigested food or constipation can be a cause for lower abdomen pain.Colon cancer can also be a reason of lower left abdomen pain.Don''t wit till its too late, at the first sign of discomfort go see your doctor. Hi Bhavana, Left side abdominal pain can be chronic and long-lasting while for...

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