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How Do I Choose the Best acne soap?

A: When choosing the best acne soap, it is important to find a product that helps to heal pimples and blemishes and reduce the occurrence of new breakouts without causing the skin to become dry, red, or irritated. Those who are able to consult with a dermatologist should do so. During this sort of consultation, a dermatologist can properly assess one''s skin condition and recommend a good acne soap. In this case, one may be prescribed an acne soap. Those who receive facials on a regular basis can ask their aestheticians for recommendations for the best kind of acne soap for their skin. Those...


acne soap question?

A: Put lotion and wash ur face acne soaps are used by almost all the acne patients for removing dirt, impurities, any type of infection, sweat and for cleaning the skin. Neutrogena''s is the best. sorry dont know about that but Neutrogena face wash is good it in like an orange container or you can get it as a soap and the soap is orange (for the face) you can find a whole ton of them in the skin care aisle of any grocery or drug store! i personally have used Aveeno foaming cleanser and had great results but there''s also Neutrogena, clearasil and a ton of other brands! best wishes benzol peroxide i.e pan oxyl, is amazing 5 % is good as it does get rid of spots but...


How to reduce acne on the face?

A: WASH IT! soap leaves skin dry and you end up then putting on moisturiser and more products to try and aleviate the dryness caused by soap so id steer away from it. A gentle cleanser for sensitive skin is good and not over-rubbing when cleansing or when drying your face also helps. Tea tree oil is good for acne problems around the T-zone *forehead,nose,chin* and also if you use any cosmetics use non-comodogenic! :) Hi, Changing your diet probably do the trick for you. click the link below lots of good information there, and many good links for the best products and treatments. A pimple, or acne as some people calls it, is a dreaded red, swollen bump in the face. Nobody is spared from having...



A: get a fat person to eat your pimples i never told anyone this before but i use to have really bad acne and i got rid of it buy putting caca on it Well in India and Afghanistan they rub their urine on it which would be free, but I''m sure that''s not your taste so I''d recommend TriClear. I''ve been using it and it works without drying out your skin. salycylic acid Most of the cheep stuff doesn''t work. buy some Proactive. I know, I know. Most people say it doesn''t work, but I get really bad breakouts from my glasses. It cleared up one of the worst zits I ever got in about 3 days. What the skin needs is a product that clears pores and kills bacteria, thus preventing hair follicles from clogging and turning into acne. This is what you should...


What's the best acne product? nature's cure or proactive or any more suggestions?

A: 100 %%%% natures cure.. proactive is a bunch of drugs.. that go into your body and never come out.. If it gets rid of zits, it is causing something else.. proven fact with drugs. Don''t eat sugar, wash your face 3 times a day with dove soap.. all the other kinds of supposably "acne soaps" are fake. dove soap does wonders... do not under any circumstance use oil in your lotions for you face.. if you have oily, shiny skin, don''t even use lotion.. and DO NOT PICK YOUR FACE.. worse thing you can do.. and if you do pick your face, if your nails and hands are dirty.. its worse.. oh and if you do have bad zits .. never, ever pick your nose.. the little black heads that is.. they will...


What brand of soap is the best to wash your face with if you have acne

A: It''s best to wash your face with any brand of special acne soap to relieve it. acne soap has medicine designed to reduce the appearance of acne. If it''s not strong enough, prescription treatments are available. on!...

Cheap acne treatment?

A: witch hazel also try washing your face in Thyme. it may not be acne it could be your hormones causing it or it could be the food you eat i would check with a doctor to rule out those things how about acne soap? proactive. =] good luck! Eat lots of carrots! They have beta-carotene which is the BEST Vitamin A you can use to fight ache. Here''s a simple formula for keeping the acne away. 1. Go Buy two face cleaners: 1 clearsil pads and 1 Apricot scrub - Use clearsil pad to clean your face every morning and before bed. (Wash face with water, dry, use pad, don''t dry). - Apricot scrub. Use this at least once a week. Best to use every other day though. Easiest to use in shower. After use then use...


What should my brother do for his acne?

A: don''t know i''m not your bro & i''m blemish free If he can eat yogurt every day it will help the antibiotics work. He should always have a bottle of water to drink. It will cleanse his system & help his skin. He shouldn''t eat greasy McDonald''s foot but salads if he can. He should peel an apple everyday & cut it up & dip it in peanut butter. He should find something to do that helps him relax and not be so hard on himself he is as good as everyone else this is so important for him to feel good about himself. No one can do this for him only he can convince himself that he deserves to look good. I tried Proactiv and it worked for the first little while, but it eventually started irritating my skin. My face was all dried out, so I went to my dermatologist and he suggested...


How do i get rid of the acne on my back?

A: proactive that soooooo sick!!!!!!!! GET PROACTIVE you will grow out of it.. if you dont, its okay the wrinkles wil camoflauge proactive body wash and a back scrubber! Use one of those loofah sponges and scrub your back, and use some Neutrogena acne soap do what they did in that one movie with neve campbell and she was a witch. I used Neutrogena shower gel for acne. It is pretty good stuff. You can find it in with the regular shower gels and soaps. easy go on a sunbed it will dry them up worked for me acne from your back is not acne that come from not washing your back. so start washing your back in u will see the diffrence. purchase a little...


acne around mouth and chin area?

A: I have dry skin too and have noticed that most of the acne medications dry out my skin to the point where they are not doing any good. But the thing that stuck out at me the strongest was that unless I could find a natural solution I would have to keep buying and coming back for medications permanently. So I researched the current info online , and found the following two resources that solved my problems,without the need to keep buying over the counter products for possibly the rest of my life . I hope this helps you . http://www.urlfreeze.com/check_out/itworks/ http://www.acne.org I ALSO HAVE IT ON MY AROUND CHIN AREA acne. That is a tough one. Father time usually wins and it is gone. In the meantime though, I...

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