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How Do I Choose the Best acne home treatment?

A: If you are suffering from acne, you may think the only solution is to get professional help. Although this is an option you may want to consider, you should not make the mistake of thinking you cannot treat the problem at home. The key is to find an acne home treatment suitable for you. To do this, you should get the advice of a professional, find a supplier, and commit to an established routine. Although you are considering acne home treatment, it is still advisable to meet with a professional initially. You can do this by making an appointment with a dermatologist or at a spa. Doing this...


What Are the Different Types of Natural acne Scar treatment?

A: There are a variety of home remedies which can be used for natural acne scar treatment. Powdered sandalwood, mixed with either rosewater or black gram, can be mixed into a mask and applied to affected areas. Lemon juice can help make scars lighter and less noticeable. Both cucumber and tomato are good for soothing the skin and reducing the appearance of scars. Natural moisturizers like honey and olive oil may also help soothe skin, as can the application of ice. One of the best types of natural acne scar treatment is sandalwood. Sandalwood powder can be mixed into a paste with either black gram, a type of bean from southeast Asia, or rosewater to be used as a mask on...


Can you get acne scar treatment on the NHS?

A: You could ask to be referred to a Dermatologist I am really not sure if the NHS will cover the cost of acne scar treatment. The best way you can find out is to go to your GP & ask. If they will not cover the treatment, you could ask for other treatments you could do at home in form of creams or facial masks. You should ask your doctor about the best diet for you as food affects the skin very much. Keep your hands away from expensive products on the market, unless checked with the doctor. They usually never help & might even do more damage. Good luck!! You need to consult with your doctor before you can NHS to do the work. You may have to wait until you''re...


On my face there too much pimples, dark circle, whitehead, dead cell so I want remove all of that through home treatment. So please advice me.

A: Whiteheads are basically the white and tiny raised spots that are formed on account of the accumulation of oil or hardened sebum in the pores of the skin. Whiteheads are also defined as tiny cysts that are formed because of the improper removal or elimination of oil that is secreted from the grease glands. Many people are very keen to remove whiteheads as they are commonly found along with blackheads on the face especially around the nose thereby adversely affecting one’s complexion and beauty. One may try some natural whitehead home remedies to get rid of whiteheads. These remedies include drinking plenty of water and other fluids such as fruit juices and also eating fresh fruits that are rich in vitamin and antioxidants and that help in keeping the skin...


Using acne home remedy and a store acne product at the same time.

A: Doubt it matters...why garlic? I''m sure the clearasil would work well enough. because i have pretty bad acne i guess ........and the clearsil ultra daily face wash does not work do you have any suggestions on what to use to cure acne fast? Going to a dermatologist? You could get started on a medication or at least get a recommended facial wash. When you''re on medication acne gets worse before it gets better- but it gets better! Serafin, You may like to read through the following link.The following are some links from the same site. acne Basics: What Causes acne? acne Guide: Your Prescription for acne


acne home Remedies

A: 1. stop touching it. Hi ron_shelf, If you need just a spot treatment, use a dab of toothpaste. The flouride dries up the pimple. Don''t over use if you have sensitive skin. If you need something for your whole face that''s inexpensive and trustworthy, buy a bottle of with hazel. It''s a natural antiseptic. acne home remedy Hi, I have suffered acne, cystic kind, for my entire life.  Dermatologists have perscribed many antibiotics, birth control pills, perscription creams, Proactiv, etc.  I even spent over $500 a month for Accutane and blood tests.  These didn''t work--although Accutane will work for a while.  This drug has severe side affects.  Take 300,000iu of...


Does any one own home treatments for acne (over dark process)?

A: You inevitability to find a good product and use it - twice a morning. Wash your face surrounded by the AM/PM with a mop up, toner and acne cream. Before washing your frontage use a hot clean clear up cloth repeat this helps draw the dirt to the surface. Take vitamins especially A, C and E vocally and drink a lot of hose. If your skin is oily use a shampoo for slimy hair - start from the top. I suggest Bert''s Bee''s acne products or Arbonne (it''s pricey, but immensely natural and pure). [my son uses it and it works for him and it comes beside a daily supplement] if you hold a lot of acne, consequently it may take a while to clear up. try something approaching pro-avtive or acnefree...


I noticed that I had a few spots of acne by the left side of my nose and the under my chin. I used Clean and Clear acne wash. I now have this huge red blotch in both areas that has been there for about 3 days and isn''t going away. What can I do?

A: acne is a problem that we have all had to deal with sometime or another. While a lot of people simply wait for acne to disappear on its own, there are others who pick them, use home remedies, or see a doctor and get medications. acne spots usually take their own sweet time before completely disappearing. However, sometimes, our attempts at acne spots removal could get terribly botched too. It seems that you have extremely sensitive skin and the use of certain acne spots removal treatment has caused you to experience some kind of an allergy. There are several medications and medicated personal care products used for...


I need suggestions for natural cures for acne.

A: acne can be very troublesome and embarrassing though it is a fairly common skin condition. It is caused by changes in skin structures by the stimulation of androgenic hormones. acne occurs as a result of multiple factors. It could be genetic, on account of hormonal changes (during a menstrual cycle or puberty), on account of sebaceous glands that are hyperactive, dead skin cells blocking pores, or exposure to certain kinds of chemicals or medications. acne mostly affects the face and upper neck, but the back, shoulders and chest may be affected as well. Though in severe cases you may need to seek the advice of a specialist, the most common form of acne (acne...


I have got acne since 8 yr n i have tired evything but still not affcted also got scars left please tell me any solution to this problem many thanks

A: acne natural treatment acne affects a number of people, mostly in adolescence, and often in adulthood as well. This disorder has many causes including heredity, poor diet, stress, and hormonal fluctuations. There are a number of home remedies that you can use in conjunction with simple daily hygiene to prevent acne. You can also use these remedies to relieve the symptoms that you might already be suffering. After cleansing the blemish, apply a drop of tea tree oil to it. Tea tree oil is a natural antiseptic and can hasten the healing time of your acne blemishes. You can also use the ancient Indian system of ayurvedic medicine to help you...
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