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Do garlic really cure acne?

A: Garlic by itself will certainly not cure acne. If it was as simple as that, then there would not be so many people in the world suffering from acne for years on end. The development of acne is complex and still not fully understood, and treatment of the problem requires a number of different measures. Home remedies can help to some extent, but simply apply garlic to your pimples is not an adequate remedy for acne. acne is often related to oily skin and fluctuating hormone levels in the body. It often affects teenagers, as this is the time when hormone levels fluctuate greatly, and in many cases it refuses to respond to treatment. Many...

Please suggest some cures for acne on the back.

A: acne on back remedies  acne is a disease that affects the skin and clogs up the pores. It is also caused  by infected hair follicles. This is a relatively common problem and affects most people, especially during puberty. acne can be blamed on poor hygiene, stress, hormonal imbalances and even a bad diet. You should ensure that you wash your back regularly when you bathe. A towel dipped in hot water and applied on the acne will help them to deflate. You can try this remedy as often as possible. You can apply aloe vera gel on your acne. Apple cider vinegar is another effective remedy. Lemon juice has also been known to cure

How can I cure my acne quick and easily?

A: acne Natural cures Clogged skin pores result in acne, which is a common problem encountered by every teenager. Accumulation of pus and dead cells with dirt is seen. It disrupts the beauty of the face and thereby affects the personality of the individual. Improper skin care, poor dietary regimen and lack of personal hygiene are some of the contributing factor for acne. Excessive secretion of sebum from oil glands is relieved by a cider vinegar wash, which acts as an astringent. Consumption of carrot juice is seen to inhibit acne. Aloe vera is a gentle cleanser and promotes healing. Dab a cotton ball with dried basil paste. Garlic and lemon juice are also effective....

acne help pls!!?

A: There are a variety of ways to treat acne and many acne sufferers have found that the natural types of acne treatments can be effective at helping to stop your acne and no negative side effects.Log on to http://tipsfromruby-acne.blogspot.com/ for a few home made tips to heal acne . follow up with your doctor. Something you will just have to live with, I have tried most things, i went on accutane and it worked but when i went back off it my ance came back not as bad though. Just go see your doctor. And yes the best thing i tried was benzoyl peroxide so try that. Sorry not to much help but ance is a hard one. Hey Money M! My name is Jared...


Can Smoking cure acne?

A: No. hmm i wonder. all the potheads have clear faces at my school. Hahaha, no. Smoking cures NOTHING!! NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! i don''t think it helps at all Uh no it would make it worse if anything. It puts all that nasty crap into your system, how can do anything pure in your body. And pot would only be worse. no smoking DOES NOT cure acne. plus, if it did...there is way more health disadvantages to smokeing then there is advantages. just go to your doctor and talk to him.........he can probably help you. i didn''t even have to see a dermatologist. you might not have to either unless your doctor reccomends to. i had severe acne then i started taking doxycyline(sp?) and i am very proud to say i...


How to cure severe acne in a natural way without having to take medications?

A: It''s not going to happen. You can wash your face like crazy, not wear any make-up, eat non-greasy foods... everything anyone else says you have to do. Those are all good things but THEY WILL NOT cure YOUR acne. In fact, acne is incurable. But it can be managed with medication. If you''re a kid, tell your parents they must take you to a dermatologist or your face will be scarred. Insist that they help you. This is your face! If you''re an adult wondering if you can take care of your kid''s acne without having to take them to a dermatologist, don''t put it off. You can''t fix this problem without medication. My parents tried to get out of taking me to a dermatologist and I resent them to...


Will my acne ever get better?

A: woah thats wierd. my doctor also prescribed Differin and it works like a CHARM . you might be allergic, but don`t hesitate to call the doctor and tell him. try and keep it, it might help out :D if your skin is red and irritated stop use of it no matter what the doctor tells you from past experience the best medication I have used is nature''s cure you can obtain it at walgreens, rite aide, and cvs it is only about $10.00 and it shows effects in about 2 weeks just follow the directions o.k. and good luck eventually. maybe differn isn''t the right stuff for you. You shoud try differnt products to see which one works the best. if Differin is doing that to your face i would advise you to stop using it. just because the doctor said it would help doesnt mean it will....


Does anyone know any home remedies to cure acne and get rid or blackheads?

A: yeah my sister used to do it wash your face with a natural soap and salt in the mornig and at night i should work use tea tree soap on your face 3 times a day. and if you can, go buy St Ives Apricot scrub for like $5 and use that just as much as the tea tree soap and you will see amazing results!! trust me i still use it 3 times a day! definitely a miracle for my face! What I''ve found that helps acne is putting toothpaste on them directly right before going to bed. Then gently wash it off in the morning with a warm washcloth. You can use an egg white mask on the blackheads. Spread the egg white across the areas that have the most blackheads and let it sit for about 7-10 minutes. Wash it of with a warm washcloth after, and hopefully it will have hlped lift some of...


Is there any REAL cure for acne?

A: acne comes from the inside as opposed to the outside of our skin and has a lot to do with diet as suggested by you. Quinoderm is excellent to take the redness and pain from the spot but it''s your diet that will change your skin. You must eat lots of fruit, veg, foods high in fibre and drink gallons of fresh water. the sun does tend to do something to your spots but is so harmful to your skin in the long term. try buying Nicky Hamilton Jones'' book, ''ten years younger'' it''s marvellous for topics such as acne. You could always call to Holland & Barret and buy one of thier products made by Nelson. It comes in a pillules form in a container a bit like a lipstick. ( about 5.00) lots of vitamin C works really great for me and just...


acne Treatment?

A: Actually i know the perfect treatment for u. u will say " Goodnbye acne" and forever!! it''s a med called "Roaccotine" a paqet with 30 capsules, 20 mg. take a pill every day. but before that, go to a lab, and check your live enzymes if they work normally. and be careful not to get pregnant during your treatment with this med, i dnt mean to freak u out, but it might cos your baby severe mental and physical retardition. anyway, dnt wry it is very well tested...and worked with lots and lots of ppl!! it might give u a dry mouth and skin, the treatment period ranges from 1-7 months abt a paqet each month. GOOD LUCK. Proactive solutions ( Jessica simsons is the spokes person) Try proactiv. It work for me now i am acne free....

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