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Hi,me and my girlfriend had sex on 12th Dec 09, she took abortion pill(i-pill)on the same day, but its being a week shehas not got her periods. Normallyafter taking i-pill she gets periods within a week. What we should do?

A: Hello sushaw, If she has completed taking a dose of i-pill, I would suggest you to wait for her getting herperiod, as sometimes it takes time. If she was in ovulation phase during the unprotected sexual intercoursethen there is a possibility of her getting pregnant, so you have to wait for the menstrual period and if itdoes not occur go for beta HCG test and if there is no pregnancy then always use a condom in the future forsafe sex or if the test is positive follow up with a gynecologist for further dose of hormonal pills if you donot want a pregnancy. Take care!...


7wks after abortion pill

A: Hi Julie, after the ab pill the hormones are not in balance and that could take 10 weeks or more. So it is difficult to say what"s going on. A faint line does not say anything either. In fact I do not believe that y"re pregnant. But everything is possible. We will have to wait for 3 weeks and do a pregtest again. In the meantime cross your fingers and have safe sex. Take care ! dr Shan...


I used 3 abortion pills which you insert in the vagina,i experienced cramps andhave been bleeding for 12 days.went toseek medical advice n e pregnancy testtested positive after 12 days.could i still be pregnant and will my babysurvive?iwas 4 weeks pregn

A: Hello,Since you had got done medical termination by pills, so chances of pregnancy are less. In case of pregnancyloss, the value of HCG will return to a non-pregnant range(<5 mIU /L) about 4 - 6 weeks after a pregnancyloss. So that is why your urine test is coming positive. To confirm a complete abortion and differentiating itfrom an incomplete one, I suggest you to get an ultrasound done. I sincerely hope that helps. Take care andregards....


  I am Currently pregnant about 1 week and my mother wants me to take the abortionpill because i had taken medicationcalled claravis 40mg befor i found out i waspregnant, i just dont want to take the abortion pill if you can find ou ifthepill did affect t

A: Hi, it is usually not recommended to take any abortion pills if you are pregnant as it possibly may have someadverse effects like congenital defects in fetus. However there is no external method available at such anearly pregnancy to confirm this, but by doing your ultrasound the structural and growth pattern of the fetuscan hint treating doctor to know if there is any side effect to the fetus. Hope it helps. Thanks....


  aftereffects of abortion pill

A: Hi. It is normal to experience nausea and vomiting with some abdominal cramps after taking the abortion pills.The effects would normally subside in 2-3 weeks. Gastritis is an unrelated condition and is marked by severeabdominal pain. This would require evaluation by a medical practioner and appropriate treatment. Take care....


7 weeks pregnant.plz advise a suitable abortion pill available in india

A: Hello,abortion within 63 days of last menstrual period can be done by ingestion of some medicines. A ultrasonogramto confirm the presence of pregnancy before ingestion of tablets and after to look for complete evacuation isrequired. It is advisable to consult a gynecologist for the condition and prescription of medicines. Hope thishelps. Take care and regards....


Have you taken the abortion pill?

A: What abortion pill? There is an after morning pill if you failed to use protection or not use it correctly to PREVENT pregnancy. No there''s an abortion pill. I haven''t used it... but I believe you have to be 8 wks or less. It''s as much as a surgical abortion 400-500. You take one pill in office sometimes a shot... and then you take the other pill vaginally at home 2 or 3 days later. You will need to contact your local planned parenthood to find out where it''s done depending on where you live you may have to go out of state... but you will have to watch a movie and talk to a counselor...

Early abortions, New York City, New Jersey, Aspiration Procedure, early abortion, abortion pill

A: Dear Natalie, Thank you for your question about early abortions in New York City and New Jersey.  Many women are not aware that they have more options in terminating a pregnancy if they are less than 10 weeks pregnant.   My preferred method for early abortion is the Aspiration Procedure.  This nonsurgical, noninvasive procedure only takes a few minutes to complete.  It is a natural procedure and does not involve electric suction, scraping of the uterus, or general sedation.  Most women describe the procedure as similar to getting a pap smear.  You recover immediately, and can resume your normal activities when you leave the office.  The Aspiration procedure is completed in a regular doctor"s office...

Just passed some kind of tissue 8 weeks after taking abortion pill

A: Hi, Melissa, A lot of people jump to the conclusion I am a doctor. Don"t beat yourself for not having read my profile. But please reread what you said. You never told me that you had horrible pain at the time. You said you had it recently. It"s possible you were carrying twins. And I also mentioned the possibility that it could have been a piece of placenta. And I can"t rule out the possibility of a tumor. Medical abortions are huge doses of powerful hormones. But they haven"t been in use long enough for us to know just what all the long term consequences might be. It IS known that some of these hormones DO cause cancer or other conditions. And you could have had a molar pregnancy. Everyone has feelings about abortion. Some people...
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