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abortion pain after 1 month

A: Hello Cheryl, I"m not sure that this is normal about the pain on your period. Did you have this problem before your abortion? You might want to think about getting a check up from your regular doctor. Let me know what happens. You can email me at DCHERYL51@yahoo.com If you have any other post abortion problems, such as psychological, spiritual, or mental, let me know and I can provide you with healing information. Sincerely, Diane Cheryl...

abortion pain

A: Hi dear C.marie, Stomach pain has nothing to do with your abortion. Sore breasts could mean that your period is coming soon. After an abortion the hormone levels are out of balance. No infection without fever, so just wait and do not worry. Bye for now, dr Shan...

Excercise after Medical abortion, pain and bleeding after abortion pill

A: Dear Rachel, It is common and normal to have cramping and bleeding after working out the first few times after any time of abortion, including the abortion pill.  It is fairly common for there to be blood, clots, and even somtimes a minimal amount of menstrual tissue (looks like white or brown paper wet paper towel) remaining in the uterus after the abortion.  When you exercise, your uterus is stimulated to contract (causing cramping), and this helps expel whatever is in your uterus.  There is nothing to be concerned about, in fact it"s healthy.  You can go ahead and use tampons, but change them frequently.  If the cramping is persistent and doesn"t respond to motrin, or continues after a...

Surgical abortion, painful ?

A: Hi dear Liz, the pain - after sedation and local anesthesia - is almost nothing. Afterwards you may notice cramps of the period type. An abortion - in a clinical setting by a doctor - has no influence on your fertility. So please no worry ! Bests ! Dr Shan...

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post abortion pain and bleeding

A: Hi, Maureen. Some women experience these types of symptoms when they have had an incomplete abortion. It would be very wise to go to a doctor and have it checked out. The cramping suggests that your uterus may be trying to clamp down on the bleeding without success. This situation could be dangerous, so PLEASE go to a doctor right away and have it checked out. This is especially true if you are running a fever. Good luck, and stay safe! Let us know how you are doing....

Infection after surgical abortion, D&C, early abortion, pain, fever

A: Dear Angela, You should NOT WAIT to call them.  It sounds like you have an infection after the D&C and need to get on antibiotics right away.  When you call them and tell them that you are having pain and fever, they should see you immediately.  If they do not see you today, you should go to the hospital emergency room to get on the right medications.  An infection after an abortion is not dangerous and you will fully recover unless you wait too long to be treated.   Infection is one of the more common complications of an abortion.  It can occur for 1/500 women.  It is sometimes caused from having an infection that you didn"t know you had prior to the

5 week post abortion pain

A: Hi Amanda, Thanks for your question. I hope you are feeling better and found out what is the problem. I"m not a doctor so if you aren"t satisfied with the doctor"s opinion, that you will look for another doctor to help you. I can"t really tell you what is happening but there are many side effects after an abortion. Please let me know what happens. I"m concerned about you and would really like you to email me at DCHERYL51@yahoo.com and update me. Put ALLEXPERTS in the subject line. Hope to hear from you soon. Sincerely, Diane Cheryl...

I had an abortion 2 months ago and now I am worried.

A: Dear Jessica, pain 2 months after an abortion is very unlikely to be related to an abortion.  Take a pregnancy test to be 100% sure that it is negative.  If it is negative, you don"t need to tell your gyn that you had an abortion.   As far as complications from an abortion: pain from perforation is immediate; pain from an infection due to an abortion or retained tissues is within days.  The pain you"re experiencing could by an ovarian cyst or an infection not related to an abortion, or something else unrelated to the...

abortion - Please Help Me!!!

A: Hello, Leigh, I will try to address each issue you have raised, though I might miss a few. All I can say is Wow! but I"m glad you shared all those details with me. First, please know I am not a doctor. I am simply someone who has done a lot of study and who has talked to hundreds of women. I have been involved in this area since 1970. Paragraph by paragraph, or whatever. If your abortion at 16 caused so much emotional pain, how do you know it was the right thing to do? abortion is deeply invasive, and a woman actually bonds with her baby within hours of conception, even though she is not consciously aware of it. Guilt feelings are normal. I worry about the woman who doesn"t feel them. In fact, I recently...

Stomach pain occured 5 years after abortion

A: As much as I"d like to blame the abortion, I am not aware that a problem such as yours is caused by abortion. If doctors really cared and you could get real answers, abortion wouldn"t even be available, because it is so devastating to the body and the emotions, not to forget the spiritual damage. But we really do have to look at the whole picture. As for your abortion, it was probably what they sometimes call a "menstrual extraction". There"s another term for it, too, and I can"t think of it at the moment. One thing I worry about with this type of abortion is the possibility of a serious infection. The instruments they use are not easy to...
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