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1500 calorie Diabetes diet Plan

A: Considerations If you have type 1 diabetes, likely you will need to take insulin, according to Endocrine Web. Those who have type 2 diabetes, which usually develops later in life, likely you will not take insulin; the actual medicinal treatment depends upon the severity of your symptoms as well as your doctor''s approach. A 1500 calorie diabetes diet meal plan is most often recommended for people with type 2 diabetes, though some patients with type 1 diabetes may enjoy this type of eating plan. Also, keep in mind that some diabetics will need a higher calorie meal plan; usually the range of diabetic meal plans is from 1500 to 1800


How To Follow the 1,800 calorie diabetic diet

A: Diabetes is a health disorder that changes the life of a person and their families. diabetic individuals are not allowed to eat voraciously and unhealthily. The body of a diabetic patient usually does not produce enough amount of insulin or none at all, which leads to glucose accumulation in the blood. Remember that insulin is a kind of hormone that helps the body cells absorb the glucose, used to generate the energy essential for bodily activities produced in the body. It is essential to control the blood sugar level. One of the most effective ways is to plan the well known 1,800 calorie diet for diabetics. This diet only restricts caloric...


Does anyone know where I can find a diabetic diet plan like the doctor gives patients?

A: nikki ! http://www.reddiabetes.com You really don''t want a diet plan given to someone by a doctor. They have no knowledge of nutrition and the person that gave the doctor the plan was probably a rep from a drug company that was promoting some diabetic drug. A very good site to learn about diabetes diets and how to manage the blood sugar can be found at: www.mendosa.com That web site is very comprehensive and very good information that is nutritionally sound. You need to understand the difference between glycemic index and glycemic load. The index is not the best way to approach the issue because it requires 50 grams of a nutrient and just imagine how many carrots are in 50 grams. The Glycemic Load deals with...


My doctor just put me on a 1800 calorie low glycemic diet. How do I know what to eat and how much can I eat? What are the foods for this diet?

A: Thank you for writing dLife. Meal planning and changing eating behavior is one of the most difficult areas of diabetes self-management. Like the vast majority of people with diabetes it sounds like you''ve been given very vague meal planning instruction. The good news is that dLife has a Diabetes Meal Manager where you can choose from hundreds of meal plans developed by registered dietitians to meet your daily carbohydrate and or caloric intake goals. Customize your plans to fit your taste. When you make changes, the nutritional facts are automatically updated. You will also find a large database that includes thousands of branded foods, recipes, ethnic and fast food restaurants. It is updated daily, so you always have the latest nutritional facts. If you''d rather...


My hubby was placed on an 1800 calorie diet by doc, but now that he''s back to work at a physical job I''m wondering if it should be increased.

A: Thanks for writing dLife. Your question is an excellent and a very important one. Absolutely- a significant change in physical activity, as you describe can make a big difference in how many calories and carbohydrates are needed per day as well and possibly a change in medication dosages. And in the type of occupation that your husband is in, this is especially concerning as he is at risk of injuring himself or others. Unfortunately, as hypoglycemia reoccurs, some may start to lose the ''warning signals'' of low blood glucose levels and this can be even more dangerous. So definitely have a discussion with the doctor about needed diet/medication adjustments, incidences of low blood glucose levels and consult with a registered


My Dad is 79, thin, losing weight. He has been eating less than 800 calories a day, no snacks. What is the minimum he should be eating?

A: Thanks for writing dLife! Your question is very good and very important. Unintentional weight loss and poor food intake in anyone is a significant medical symptom which may reflect serious medical issues. Seniors are especially prone to malnutrition because of changes in taste, gastrointestinal function, medications and dental status. Eating less than 1200 calories per day elevates the risk of nutritional deficiencies and can lead to muscle wasting, poor immune status, and changes in mental functioning among other problems. He may also be at risk for dehydration if not consuming adequate fluids. A planned, structured meal plan of 1800 calories per day may help your father maintain weight, but also should include...


What Is calorie Cycling?

A: calorie cycling is a form of dieting that is based on switching the maximum daily calories by several hundred once every few days to a week. The idea is that since the metabolism gets used to burning a set number of calories per day based on what one eats, it can be tricked by eating less than that amount on certain days. For instance, if someone’s metabolism was “programmed” to burn 1800 calories per day based on the person’s diet, and he consumed only 1200 one day, his body will have burned 600 calories more than what he consumed. Weight is lost when one consumes fewer


diabetic health

A: Causes of Diabetes I hope the link above helps. There is a lot of information on diabetes, but don''t know if anyone really knows the reasons why... Keep in touch. Quote: Another link that might be of interest to you.Please follow link for the rest of the article. ------------------------ The diabetic diet: How diabetics count calories and plan their diets. Treatment of Diabetes There are several aspects in the treatment of diabetes, each one with a very important role. The mainstays of Diabetes Treatment are: Working towards obtaining ideal body weight Following a diabetic diet Regular exercise

What was your GD meal plan like?

A: I was close to the line for GD with my first pregnancy 4 yrs ago, and gained a ton of weight, about 50 lbs altogether. I was slightly overweight (like 10 lbs) beforehand. I did the ADA (American Diabetes Association) 1800 calorie diet on the advice of my doctor. I started sometime in the third trimester. About 3 months after giving birth I started Weight Watchers and was able to get myself back to my high-school weight, which I never thought I''d see again. The ADA diet did not prohibit sugary foods, provided you did the appropriate carb exchange. It was a little tough at first, but I am so glad I did it. It dramatically changed my ability to regulate my blood sugar. I still benefit from it...


Does anyone know a web site that will give me a diabetic menu?

A: for god''s sake type 2 diabetes can be cured. tell him to get off his fat @ss and exercise. eat healthy. tell him to stop stuffing his face with crap. I hate type 2 diabetics, you can do something to help yourself unlike my poor son with type 1 who will have to have up to 4 shots a day every day for the rest of his life just to stay alive. have you tried calling the American diabetes association? ask his Dr. too give a list of calorie diets. mines a 1800 Carole diet that my Dr. put me on. Try authoritative sites like the American Diabetes Association http://www.diabetes.org/home.jsp Your husband needs to change his lifestyle. He needs to control his intake of...

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