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Natural cures for diarrhea?

A: a vegitable laxitive will put your digestion system on the right track. it will comfortably release your waste. Water. Try eating 1 pound of cheddar cheese. ~Apple or guava juice works. diarrhoea tablets? there are a variety :) Charcoal tablets can be found at most health food stores. mmmmm try to find the bayabas plant and drink it Massage your belly in circular motions going in directions opposite of clockwise. That will back up the intestines and encourage your diarrhea to stop. Dried blueberries. They''ll constipate you. drinking water if you have diarrhea its most likely b/c you are either dehidrated or b/c of something you ate. drinking water will help with both of these....


What is a good cure for diarrhea

A: diarrhea will usually go away in 2-3 days without specific medical therapy Make sure you do not become dehydrated. !...

What is a cure for diarrhea

A: These products may help: Donnagel, Rheaban, Kaopectate Advanced formula, Parepectolin, Diasorb, Equalactin, Konsyl Fiber, Mitrolan and Polycarb. They contain absorbants which remove excess water from the stools. Thanks for using !...

Is there a natural cure for diarrhea?

A: Natural Remedies for diarrhea Diarrhoea is relatively common condition that affects the bowels and digestive system, characterised stomach pains and runny loose stools. Diarrhoea can be caused by a variety of factors including illnesses, certain medications, and through the consumption of some foods. It is generally not a cause for worry, but repeated bouts of diarrhoea can cause other complications as it leads to dehydration, malnutrition, and other serious conditions. for this reason it is extremely important to be able to combat the symptoms at the inset so as to minimise its effect. There are a wide variety of over the counter medication available to treat the condition but natural...

Any simple cure for diarrhea for toddlers?

A: diarrhea is usually the result of a viral, bacterial, or fungal infection of the lining of the intestines. In some cases, food allergies can also cause diarrhea, and this is something you need to look out for - if your child always has a short bout of diarrhea after consuming one particular food, he or she may be allergic to this food. If this is the case, the food in question should be avoided completely. In some cases, a few years of complete avoidance is enough to get rid of an allergy, while in others, treatment may be needed. If your child has mild diarrhea, it is usually possible to handle it on your own, but for severe

Is there a cure for diarrhea?

A: black tea and 6 crackers will stop your diarrhia in mins ....

Whats the best cure for a explosive dhiorria ?

A: Couldn''t say........never had dhiorria. immodium AD-best cure ever. tell your friend good luck take Immodium Ad and make an appointment with the doctor. Explosive diarhea can mean IBS or Crones disease it could even mean that you have problems with your gallbladder. Explosive diarrhea is caused by excessive gas. The best cure is to find out what''s causing it. Is it the food they eat or a condition like irritable bowel syndrome? Better let a Dr. diagnose this. Ha ha ha, you been pebble dashing the toilet and getting nasty splashback huh? You need to find out what is causing the explosive diarrhea first. Meanwhile, try taking something OTC like Imodium. Why do you have it? Are you...


cure for terrible persistent stomach cramps

A: A cramp is a condition where a muscle or group of muscles contract in spasms uncontrollably. This is a condition that occurs when there is some deficiency of nutrition within the muscle. Often, cramps are a result of over stretched or over worked muscles. Athletes and other sports persons experience cramps very often, particularly in humid conditions where their bodies lose a large amount of water due to sweating and evaporation. The term stomach cramps is often misused. It sometimes refers to cramping in the muscles around the stomach. In other cases, it refers to pain that is caused by damage to the lining of the stomach. It may also refer to pain caused by sudden build up of gas or other digestive problems. This causes the stomach lining to stretch. Sometimes the term stomach cramps is...


what kind of over the counter meds could i give my dog for diarrhea?

A: Whatever a Veterinarian recommends. . I have heard Pepto Bismol helps . Pepto or loperamide. . Please don`t. Dogs are like us in so many ways but their digestive track isnt. The best solution is to keep them hydrated using Pediolite (this is found in the baby food section of any store) It is gatoraid for babies. It tasts good and the dogs will drink. Rehydration is the best cure for diarrhea. Then I would also find out why it is happening. Look in the yard. Is there mold growing out of the piles? Sometimes the natural bacteria in thier system gets off balance from having the flu or some other upset. When this happens don`t turn to drugs. Put plain yogurt on their food twice a day


Is there really a cure for HIV/AIDS and if there is why is they so scared to give introduce to the world?

A: There is no cure for HIV. There are many medications to treat the disease, but patients must take them as prescribed. Now-a-days, AIDS patients must be on at least 3 drugs for their regimines to be effective. If they stop taking one, and the virus grows, the whole regimen is lost to drug-resistance and they must start over with 3 diff drugs. If regimines are followed correctly, you can acheive an undetectable viral load. While this is great, it is not a cure and resistance may still develop in time. THE POPULATION CONTROL WAS A GOOD JOKE and you ppl are paranoid :) THERE IS NO cure!!!! and the meds being tested are being tested on ppl who have the virus, how do you...

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