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  i have an irritable bowel constant diarrhea and pain in my colon everday i have it. when i go, i go almost every timeeven when i pee, although often it seems almost foamy or mucousy and is painful when i poop and it happens very often,inside and out, an

A: Nausea is an important effect of Prozac. An irritable bowel presenting with diarrhea with previous history ofconstipation could be brought about by a variety of reasons. A recent change in food habits, agastrointestinal infection, reduced fiber in diet, celiac disease, malabsorption syndromes, irritable boweldisease are a few of the known causes. It is also often associated with anxiety. I would suggest that youbegin by increasing the fiber content of your diet and reducing milk-products. If your symptoms do not improvewith this, you might want to see you family physician who would probably run some tests like routine bloodtests, stool examination or a flexible sigmoido-colonoscopy if required and suggest the appropriate treatment....


I have had my small bowel remved and now have constant diarrhea

A: Many people cannot tolerate the removal of small bowel and show symptoms like diarrhea, poor absorption of nutrients and weight loss. Chronic diarrhea and weight loss can cause multivitamin deficiencies in the body which is important to control. Follow these home remedies and dietary modifications to ease diarrhea - Have a diet which is low in fat, both visible fat and invisible fat. Avoid fatty, oily and fried foods completely along with bakery foods like muffins, cakes, pastries and cookies. Add 2 tsp arrowroot powder in a cup of water, boil it and drink every 2-3 hours for severe bouts of diarrhea. Avoid milk, as it can worsen the situation. Choose milk in cooked form or in the form of...

How do i deal with constipation or constant diarrhea having celiac disease?

A: It is very important when a patient has a flare up of a condition, to seek medical advice rather than just assuming that you know what it is and what to do about it. Celiac disease requires careful dietary and medical monitoring and flare-ups can cause significant medical complications, malnutrition, dehydration, and discomfort. A thorough check up with your physician will help determine if this is a new problem, a recurrence of the old one, and how to treat the acute symptoms as well as what changes to make for the future management. Advice from a nutritionist, a referral to a gastroenterologist, meeting with a celiac support group, and joining some educational and support organizations may also be helpful once you start to feel well enough. Below are websites with information that you...


constant diarrhea, slight abdominal pain, loss of weight

A: Hi,How are you?Since all other causes have been ruled out, it is quite possible that the diarrhea is due to Atenolol.Atenolol is generally a well tolerated drug but in some individuals it can cause diarrhea and abdominalcramps.http://www.medicinenet.com/atenolol/article.htmPlease discuss this possibility with your physician as he may need dose adjustment or an alternate drug tocontrol his BP.Do keep us posted!...


What is constant diarrhea caused from

A: Bacterial and viral infections. Food intolerances. Parasites. Reaction to medicines. Intestinal diseases. Bowel disorders....

constant diarrhea for 2 years

A: Hi there - You''ve certainly been bounced around a lot through this ordeal. I think your primary care doctor may be closest to correct about this, for reasons you''ve already pointed out. While the problem could be aggravated by some residual anxiety problems (you''re still on the Xanax, so anxiety is likely present, just controlled or masked), and this is often confusing, the symptoms generally sound very much like celiac disease could be the explanation for everything. This can be discovered by means of a specific blood test, and while a gluten-free diet can be a real annoyance, at least at the beginning (due to the amount of research and time-consuming label reading it takes to get started), it can also make a tremendous difference, and it''s not so much about buying "special"...


Please help! constant diarrhea and fowl smelling

A: HI! You and I are in the same boat, so to speak. A friend of mine who hadsurgery in August 2002 says that he is constipated and doesn''t go but maybeonce a week or up to ten days. I now have softer than normal bowelmovements up to three times a day some days. Usually every one to one andhalf weeks, I will have diarrhea so bad that I don''t think it will everstop. Everyone is different. I had so much diarrhea the first few weekspostop that I didn''t think it was ever going to let up. It did and it willfor you. If it becomes more of a serious problem for you or you feelconcerned about it, please ask your surgeon or doctor. Just keep in mindthat everybody is different and this may be the norm for you. Good luck toyou on your journey! Daphine...


My Sister Had Cancer And Under Went Radiation Treatment, She Now Has constant diarrhea,any Suggestions?

A: You should call her doctor and see whats the best thing for her to take but they do have anti diarrhea meds that you can get in a wal mart or you local department store hope this helps!...

Is It Because Of constant diarrhea That Causing Bleeding When I Go To Restroom?

A: diarrhea can contribute to the bleeding but bright red bleeding will signify new bleeding where dark blood will be older blood. Either way get to the ER asap if you are still bleeding. This is very serious!...

I Have Been Very Sick With Sever Stomach Pains And constant diarrhea For Some Time Now And constantly Sick To My Tummy, I Find It Hard To Even Look At Food And When I Do Eat, The Food Does Not Digest, It Goes Right Through Me?

A: There has been a very serious flu bug going around. But it sounds more serious in your case. Go to the ER or Dr asap. The dehydration alone will weaken you a lot....
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