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What does a cholesterol level of 5.5 mean?

A: "The amount of cholesterol present in the blood can range from 3.6 to 7.8 mmol/litre. A level above 6 mmol/litre is regarded as high, and is a risk factor for arterial disease. Government advice recommends a target cholesterol level of under 5, but on average men in England have a level of 5.5, and women a level of 5.6" you have an average cholesterol level but ideally it could be lower!! Its high....normal should be under 2. elevated triglycerides means you have lots of not unhealth food too. Unless its inherited, my advice is control your diet and do more regular exercise (exercise can bring up your good cholesterol too, HDL) and o for blood test 3 months later and compare the...


How Can I Lower My LDL cholesterol Level?

A: LDL cholesterol is low density lipoprotein also called `bad cholesterol`. It carries the highest amount of cholesterol or steroid lipid in the blood and causes accumulation of fatty deposits of cholesterol in the artery walls that feed the heart and brain. This leads to many heart diseases and strokes. For a healthy person the safe LDL cholesterol level is 160mg/dl. However, if you have a history of heart disease and diabetes, you must concentrate in lowering your LDL levels. If you experience symptoms like fat deposits in the skin tendons, pancreatitis, abdominal pain and liver and spleen swellings, then it is an indication that your LDL


How do I check my own cholesterol level?

A: In order to check your own cholesterol level, I suggest you take a good look at Cholestrak Home cholesterol Test Kit for just $25.76. With this test kit you will have on hand information on the level of your cholesterol daily. This product is user friendly and easy to follow instructions. Furthermore, this product has been approved for use by the Food and Drug Administration. Each kit composed of 2 items such as test devices, record charts, lancets, gauze pads, and bandages. According to NCEP guidelines, if you have more 240 or more total cholesterol mg/dl, it is considered high, 200-239 mg/dl borderline high and less than 200 mg/dl is desirable. ''If you are just embarking on a low fat...


Reasons for increase in cholesterol levels even when you think you eat reasonably well?

A: This question has been put under the topic of diabetes, although the main question is about cholesterol. So I''m going to give an answer for the diabetics out there who might be looking through this topic. Type 1 (insulin dependent) diabetes can''t be caused by increased glucose (sugar) consumption. I''ve been type 1 for 22 years. I was diagnosed with high cholesterol about 2 years ago. I asked the doctor if I should change my diet but he said that it''s the diabetes causing the high cholesterol, not my diet. Obviously everyone''s different and you should always check with your health care professional Genetics play a role as well. Studies have found that family history also plays a role in


My cholesterol level is 371, how high is that?

A: Yes Tin and Jane are correct. And you should know that dietary saturated fat has NOTHING to do with it. Trans-fats and vegetable oils that turn rancid are the things that cause damage and plaque build up. Oxidized cholesterol like that found in Egg-Beaters and powdered cheese, actually do cause damage. Lastly, even if you do not believe us, DO NOT let anyone suggest that you take drugs. These drugs have never been shown to be beneficial to even one female. Independent sources estimate the incidence of major side effects to be in the range of 50 to 90% of users. Ofcource their doctors have no clue what the real side effects are. Check out www.spacedoc.net to see the permanite damege these drugs can do. THEN RUN 371 is pretty high, particularly for a young person....


How to Lower High cholesterol levels

A: What Is cholesterol? cholesterol can be defined as follows: - cholesterol is a fat-like and waxy substance, produced by the liver. - It has its place and function in the human body and system and too much of it puts your health at risk. - cholesterol forms part of every cell within the body. - When the cholesterol level is appropriate, all is well - It plays a life-giving role in many functions of the body. - When cholesterol is at a good level, you are healthy and in top shape - It works to build and repair cells - It produces hormones such as estrogen and testosterone - Produces bile acids which are proven to aid in the digestion of...


What are Normal cholesterol levels?

A: The most significant factor in determining your risk of heart and cardiovascular disease is cholesterol. The liver synthesizes cholesterol into a product that can be found in most of the cells of the body. Deposits of plaque from this fatty substance can be found in the walls of the arteries and develop into “hardening of the arteries” or arteriosclerosis. In order to know if you have normal cholesterol levels, you need to have a blood test or blood panel. Elevated cholesterol levels are also recognized in genetic diseases, liver and kidney disease, and hypothyroidism. High Density Lipoprotein (HDL), Low Density Lipoprotein (LDL) and Very...

What are the Ideal cholesterol levels?

A: When it comes to understanding what is involved in a healthy level of cholesterol in the system, there are several factors to consider. Gender plays a role in calculating the ideal cholesterol level, as well as the specific readings for good cholesterol and bad cholesterol. Here are some general guidelines that will help you know if you have a problem or if your cholesterol readings are within reason. At one time, determining the ideal cholesterol level involved nothing more than taking a general reading. To a degree, that overall reading is still somewhat indicative of a healthy cholesterol level. If the reading is...

My cholesterol level is to high what can I do

A: cholesterol is an important steroid found in the human body. It also exists in all animals. It is absolutely necessary in cells and is used to form the membranes that allow nutrients and water to permeate. cholesterol also helps as a tool for the body to create bile, steroids and hormones.  While cholesterol is essential for a human being, excess cholesterol can be bad for health. Studies have shown that high levels of cholesterol cause heart problems that may lead to strokes or heart attacks. A high level of cholesterol is therefore an emergency warning for you to take note of and make the necessary adjustments...


How serious are my cholesterol levels?

A: With you being young as you are, these right now probably wouldn''t cause problems, but only because your last years were fine & yes they have to come down lower for your health sake. Your doctor might put you on med, he might wait & try diet first. Each doctor is different. Ask the doctor, but I do not think BC pills will make CHO rise like that, yes diet would. CHO normally has to be under 200 & is preferred to be under 180 by new standards. The other numbers I know are high, but I can''t remember off the top of my head the exact high/normal numbers. I & my husband do these things, he still has to take med, I do not take med sothese things do work & none of these things should be harmful to you. Get a good quality Garlic supplemenet, I say good quality so it is...

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