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What Are The chances of contracting hiv From Unsafe Sex?

A: There chances of contracting hiv from unsafe sex is very high. The semen and vagina liquid have the tendency to carry the hiv germs. So if your partner has hiv then there is strong possibility that you will be affected by it....


If I''m Penetrating Someone In Anal Sex & I Do It For Less Than 5minutes Then Put On A Condom What Are My chances of contracting hiv Or AIDS?

A: If all you have is anal sex you can get hiv just as easy as if you waited the 5 minutes. If your into that be careful put your condom on before you begin and hope you have fun....

What Are The chances of contracting hiv When You Have Done An Abortion?

A: Most likely not,but anytime theres blood loss and open blood,there will always be a chance, it would be smart on your part to be tested and be on the safe side....

What are the chances of contracting hiv from an infected person, practising hete

A: It's actually about 1 in 1000 your chance of contracting the virus if you have unprotected sex. The condom does decrease this chance, however there is still the chance of the condom breaking. Make sure you are using latex condoms, not lambskin (I don't know if these are even made anymore, but they have larger pores in them then the latex condoms, so hiv is not stopped by them) Still too high of a risk for me personally, but that's your own personal choice. If you want to continue in this relationship, I recomend that you have yourself tested regularly....

chances of contracting hiv

A: I really think you should ask this question on Health Central''s hiv/AIDS site where they will have much more experience and specific information. I just know that even the tiniest of abrasions or cuts can place you at risk regardless of the duration of contact. Try there also, I think the answer will be much more informed....

How high are the chances of contracting hiv in males from female through sexual

A: Males get the infection a little lesser from females through sexual intercourse as the number of viruses in females vagina are less as compared tosemen of males.so males give this infection by this route faster to females.Bt if males take to oral sex and anal sex themselves then the chances are same.male to male sex is the worst....

what are the chances of contracting hiv from Hospital Needles?

A: I wouldn't worry about it honey. When they do use needles, it is a one time deal. They never ever ever use a needle more than once. Half the time many facilities are using needless systems to reduce the risk of spreading infection.. not only to you but to the health care worker as well. Used needles always go into a 'sharps' container; and know they have needles that have a plastic covering on them that once closed over the needle it can't be reopened. Things are much safer now than they ever used to be. '' Hospital employee...

Enter your medicawhat is a mans chance of contractin hiv by 30 seconds of penilel question in this box

A: Dear tonyseate, The chances of getting hiv infection is very high with sexual intercourse. Even some secondsof proper sexual intercourse is sufficient to contract it. Take care!...

Has circumcision been proven to reduce the chances of contracting AIDS?

A: actually it reduces he chances of spreading cervical cancer to a woman personally i would never be with a man if he wasnt! when i have children if they are biological or adopted they getting the knife to fix that! Yes, circumcision does help. See article below. But it also helps prevent many other STDs. Yeast infections, etc. A guy has to be really really intent on keeping his business very clean in order to prevent the problems caused by not being circumcized. Yes, several studies in Africa in the northern regions (top of Africa) comparing what was different from the southern regions show that the tribes that practiced circumcisions on the men had a far less incidence of

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