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What Are the Most Common Breast cancer chemotherapy Drugs?

A: chemotherapy, a treatment that uses drugs to kill cancer cells in the body, is often used to treat breast cancer. There are numerous chemotherapy drugs which doctors might prescribe alone or in combination for patients with breast cancer. The most common breast cancer chemotherapy drugs are anthracyclines, taxanes, and cyclophosphamide. Patients with breast cancer commonly receive chemotherapy as an adjuvant therapy. chemotherapy is given in addition to other treatments, such as surgery, to decrease the risk of the


cancer, chemotherapy, and blood transfusions?

A: READ: The Allopathic cancer Conspiracy at: http://whale.to/a/cancer_c.html Then think about trying this: New studies on the benefits of Onion juice for eliminating cancer have just been concluded by researchers at Cornell University, confirming what we have been saying all along - Onion juice will cure your cancer. What they are still not understanding is how the onions should be administered to effectuate the greatest benefits in eliminating your cancer. Find out the proper procedures for Onion juice treatment at http://www.brokenearth.org/cancer My mom had beast cancer. They caught it early. It depends on the stage....


What Are the Most Common Breast cancer chemotherapy Side Effects?

A: Breast cancer chemotherapy side effects may include hair loss, mouth sores, infertility, and nausea. This form of cancer typically starts in the breast tissue and is either ductal or lobular carcinoma. During treatment to eradicate the cancer, the patient may be required to undergo chemotherapy. chemotherapy refers to a program where multiple chemicals are infused into the bloodstream in an attempt to kill the cancer-containing cells. During the process there are often various breast cancer chemotherapy side effects the patient must address. Hair loss is a common...


If you puke after you have an IV injection of a cancer chemotherapy drug, do you taste the drug in your mouth?

A: It is quite possible you might have an aftertaste of some drugs in your mouth, because the circulation carries the drugs nearby. Yes...its possible...sorry There are so many anti-nausea drugs now that are given for chemotherapy that there is no reason to throw up. If you are feeling ill, your oncologist needs to know and he will give you a med for it. Certain chemo''s will give you an after taste in your mouth that tastes like metal. Sometimes sores even appear, but again, they can be controlled with meds if you tell your oncologist. yes ,, i tasted something for days after chemo everytime.. Chemo caused me to have bizarre smells and tastes. Talk to your oncologist. Perhaps they can try a different anti-nausea medication. Hope you get some relief. Hang in there....


How to reduce prostate cancer chemotherapy side effects?

A: Chinese medicine can reduce the toxic side effects of the digestive system, such as slowing nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, abdominal pain or diarrhea and other symptoms. source: http://prostatecancercom.com/how-to-reduce-prostate-cancer-chemotherapy-side-effects It all depends on the chemotherapy that is being given. I give chemo at work and the resource I used to teach my patients about the chemo they are going to recieve is about 1500 pages. And most of take is about side effects and complications. If you had pacific drugs in mind listing them would be of great help. hope all goes well There are lots of ideas on www.after-cancer.com and www.after-


What Is the Average Cost for cancer chemotherapy Treatment?

A: The average cost of cancer chemotherapy is between $1,000 and $3,600 a month. This number varies depending on the location of your cancer; breast cancer patients are charged less than $1000 a month and lung cancer patients are charged more than $3,600. Source: http://content.healthaffairs.org/cgi/content/full/25/2/437...


breast cancer chemotherapy

A: I agree with your oncologist! Your BIG worry is your cancer, not so much any side effects! (I"m brutally blunt & frank here but I"m not here to tell anyone anything but the truth!). Experience does show us that your chances are better (but no guarantees can be given unfortunately) if Taxotere treatment is added! So the answer to the cost/benefit question is yes unless you value your own life very little! In your situation you even have to accept some side effects unfortunately!...

Prostate cancer chemotherapy Options

A: chemotherapy Drugs and Prostate cancer chemotherapy is a form of treatment that is generally used for more advanced cases of prostate cancer such as when a tumor has metastasized, or for reoccurring tumors. Chemo drugs work by killing cancer cells that are rapidly dividing. They also destroy healthy dividing cells throughout the body, such as the cells on the lining of the gastrointestinal tract, hair follicles, and bone marrow. This is why chemotherapy drugs are generally not used for the early stages of the disease the side effects may outweigh the benefits. How is chemotherapy for the treatment of prostate


Breast cancer & chemotherapy after operation

A: She is welcome to contact me directly if she so wishes. But I do not understand Arabic so we have to communicate in English. Based on the information you have sent me I think that BOTH post surgical radiation therapy AND post surgical chemo therapy should be used here. I NEVER give any detailed advice here on chemo therapy since that MUST be the sole responsibility of the dr. in charge of the treatment! The patient is not helped by any advice by a not fully informed back seat driver! Since her tumour is also hormone receptor positive she should also have (anti) hormonal therapy. Good luck!...


How do we ask Dad to be more careful in the bathroom due to his bladder cancer chemotherapy?

A: You''ve made an important observation about safety here. Obviously, you want to protect your family, especially your grandson, and I commend you for wanting to impact your father''s behavior. There are a few things going on with your father, though, that may make your efforts to negotiate with him not as fruitful as you would like. First, remember that each day the chemo affects him more, not just in strength and muscle control, but also in memory and cognitive thinking. So he may have trouble controlling himself (i.e. dripping), and he may not remember that he''s supposed to try (i.e. clean up the seat). Second, his main goal is to maintain some dignity while letting that fluid out of his system. And third, at his age stubborness may encourage him to do things as he likes and as he is...

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