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brain Shrinkage diagnosis

A: Hi Jodie and Terry, You are doing the right thing getting her assessed and diagnosed. As you can appreciate, there are many conditions that can affect cognition, particularly in the elderly who so often have a constellation of complicated health problems. Some limited shrinkage is a normal part of aging, but if it has been flagged, it likely means the degree of shrinkage that is strongly associated with progressive dementias. Dementia is just a term that describes symptoms - so it"s a word like "fever". It tells you what is happening but not why.  It doesn"t tell you what the underlying CAUSE is, which is what the doctors will now be pursuing. You need a proper diagnosis to be able to determine what, if anything can be done to help her. A proper diagnosis also will give you...


whats happen to childs brain on concerta

A: Unfortunately nothing you have told me makes any scientific medical sense. Psychologists cannot really diagnose a medical condition like ADD, only a doctor trained in this discipline. Concerta is Methylphenidate, which is an antidepressant and cannot cause depression. The dose of Methylphenidate is usually evaluated by titrating the short acting Methylphenidate to optimal dose and then only switching to the long acting  appropriate dose of Concerta. If the dose was established by guessing instead of monitoring ,it might not have been the optimal dose and could not work.Were rating scales ever used to establish to correct dose?r Your description is absolutely typical e of ADD. As a non trained medical person it would be very unacceptable for you meddle with the medical treatment...

How to brain Sync Without Headphones

A: brain Sync is a particular brand of brainwave entrainment CDs and audio programs. brainwave entrainment, according to MindAlive.com, consists of audio tracks and programs designed to create specific brain-wave rhythms through beats. These programs can create various effects, like relaxation, increased learning, alertness or hypnogogic states (states of drowsiness just before full sleep). brainwave entrainment generally requires headphones; otherwise, the beats need to be heard in stereo and in a quiet environment without outside noise....


KEPPRA from brain Surgery - Siezure free - still need meds?

A:   mc39 as long as your seizures are ''gone''then getting off your meds.is an option,BUT that is something you need to talk with your Neuro.about.I''m 34 and about 20 years ago I grew out of my seizures at the age of 14.For about 2 months I was seizure free,THEN one day I started having them again.I had my right temporal lobe removed back in 2000 to help with my seizures,and it helped ALOT,but I''m still taking 4 different meds.a day twice a day(20 pills a day).My seizures are so much better as long as I get enough rest.  So I guess what I''m saying is if your Neuro.would like to try to start ''winging''you off your meds then thats great,BUT I know taking meds.can be a pain sometimes,but if they are controling your seizures ''don''t mess with anything if it isn''t broke''unless...


Just10 minutes of chattingon mobilephones maycause cancer inthe brain, warned butthe people wil stop chating?

A: People continue to use their cell phones because cancer has been linked to everything including tap water. How is anybody supposed to live life if everything our everyday life consists of is said to cause cancer? Until there is actual proof, and doctor''s start telling us to stop talking on cell phones it''s fine, until then, continue talking... heck, even docs themselves have them. No, dear. This is not true. how does it cause cancer Won''t be long now?? What you state is patently incorrect I also heard this, but it seems to be difficult to stop, may this prove wrong. If this is true for mobile phone, then it must be true for all communication devices. If this the case, then use of communication devices can not be stopped even at the risk of cancer. looks more like it affected your...


fetal brain development

A: brain activity has been recorded at 42 days after conception....


Schizophrenia brain fault ''found''

A: That is very interesting. Thankyou for posting it. I would like to read the original research report. IN psychology, we were told that it was related to enlarged ventricles. Our profs + text books also put a heavy emphasis on difficulties with processing stimulis. Just posting so that I can boot this thread upwards, if anybody wants to discuss it.....


brain MRI Results Should I Be Concerned?

A: you DO need either an MRA(only looks at strictly arteries in the brain) or the recommended angiogram to really know for certain whether or not you indeed have an aneurysm or some other type of vascular malformation up there. there are many different types of vascular malformations you can have going on both within the brain and the spinal cord too. they can be congenital or created over time. but this does need further testing to really know whats up back there. i had an aneurysm back in 05 that did not actually show up on my MRI,but my neurosurgeon being the thorough type of guy he was also wanted to totally check things out,thats when he sent me for that MRA,which did show mine in the left cerebellar artery,off the circle of willis,or the...


How does sound travel through the ear to the brain?

A: I believe it is the auditory nerve that translates vibrations to the brain. Sound vibrations travel through air, water, or solids in the form of pressure waves. When a sound wave hits a flexible object such as the eardrum it causes it to vibrate, which begins the process of hearing. The process of hearing involves the conversion of acoustical energy sound waves to mechanical, hydraulic, chemical, and finally electrical energy where the signal reaches the brain and is interpreted. sound is translated differently so it could travel through the brain....


T-Wave Abnormality; Anterior Ischemia

A: Hello, clbouchie, What a trying time for you and your husband. It would be usual practice to forward the results of your husband''s recent electrocardiogram to his cardiologist; however, it would be a good idea to double check to see that it was done. An electrocardiogram traces the electrical activity (depolarization) of the heart beat, and the most basic description is designated as the P, QRS and T waves. Very briefly, the P wave is a normal beat in which the electrical depolarization spreads from the right atrium to the left atrium, resulting in the beat of the upper chambers of the heart. The QRS portion is the rapid depolarization of the right and left ventricles, resulting in the beat of the lower chambers of the heart; since the ventricles are larger than...

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