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  could you please expline the difference between being in a vegative state and being brain dead through an aneurysm. Myhusband had a massive brain aneurysm last year and i was told he was brain dead: as he was an organ doner he was keptalive until his he

A: Hi,Being brain dead and being in a vegetative state are one and the same thing and thus if your husband wasdeclared brain dead, then the chances of recovery are minimal. The decision to put the patient off ventilatoris usually taken by a board of doctors after it is confirmed that there are minimal chances of recovery andthus please be assured that you have taken the right decision. It is very very rare for someone to recover andthis is usually seen in people who have been entrapped in very cold climates like in snow where they go intocoma and their basal metabolic rate also decreases significantly. I sincerely hope that helps. Take care....


Scar tissue on the brain

A: Low Dose Radiation has been used before to reduce scars, however, I do not have any data regarding brain tissue. It may be effective, but I cannot qualify the cure ratio without sound data to support me. The radiation used is a low energy wave length, and it is used mostly on external tissue. External tissue dosage has been calculated to penetrate the skin tissue only, and it should not reach the muscle and bone tissue below. Now, If the scar tissue on the brain needs radiation, the dosage has to be higher to penetrate the skull bone. As a general rule, the amount of radiation penetrating the brain case is not enough to damage any nerves, so that should not be a concern. That is the best I can do for you. Good luck,...

Questions about being declared brain-dead?

A: Yes, there are very specific criteria for being classified as brain dead. This is a very grave diagnosis and so obviously, they have to be sure that there is no activity before they make the diagnosis. I am going through this right now and understand how frustrated you must feel since your loved one shows signs of life. They can run clinical tests and have to actually establish the absence of ALL cranial nerve reflexes before giving the diagnosis of brain death. Here is a quote: Key clinical findings include the total absence of the pupillary light reflex (cranial nerve 2) and the persistence of a mid-positioned (4mm) to dilated pupils (9mm) and lack of any ocular movement (cranial nerves 3, 4, and 6). No eye deviation must be...

What are the different techniques to manage brain memory?

A: Mnemonics works best for me. Gristly animal inset like….Gail! Never forget my MILS name that way. doing braint games or puzzles keeps the mind muscle limber such as those offered by luminosity (see http://www.lumosity.com/). The strategies used to teach gifted children may offer a clue. It is important to load the information in a variety of ways and make numerous connections to it using different paths (e.g., creating a number of different indices so you can locate the information in a variety of ways). In this way, you get many pathways to the information. For example, for many people memorizing a poem is difficult, but if it is set to music and you learn the poem as lyrics, the music itself offers cues to where you are in the poem. I can recite the entire...


Cancer -lung after treatment , can the cancer that was treated for, move to the brain ?

A: hi Dee, I will pray for grandmother, as for her numbness, it usually has to do with a bad circulation, but she must see a the cancer doctor, he will probably just check it out and it''s probably not something major, but have it checked, God will help, but we must help ourselves, not doing so is a sin, the cause of the numbness could be a simple thing, but it must be checked, a good food supplement I heard helps cancer treatment is "green''s plus detox", look it up in a natural food store, God bless. Through the blood. But Jesus Christ is our healer. He is the doctor of all doctors. Just believe and will be done. He said: What you belief is what you receive. Bound all negative thoughts and words and trow them out of your mind. Take away all fear. 8 But what does it say? "The...


How do orgasms affect the brain?

A: Orgasms obviously affect your genitals, but they also affect your brain. During sexual activity, your nerves send signals to your brain to communicate sexual stimulation and arousal. During orgasm, brain waves start to change. Orgasms cause the release of certain hormones - such as oxytocin, dopamine, and endorphins - that circulate throughout your body and your brain. These hormones create the happy, relaxed feeling that comes after an orgasm....


Does the cell phone hurt your brain?

A: Researchers are studying that very question in an effort to determine whether heavy and frequent cell phone use leads to an increase in brain cancer. Concern about cell phone safety centers on the device''s built-in antenna, which emits electromagnetic waves. Thus far, various medical studies have yet to prove any significant increase in brain cancer among cell phone users. However, since widespread cell phone use is a relatively new phenomenon, such studies only cover short-term use. As such, the long-term effects have yet to be determined....


My current best friend of 6-7 years has just been diagnosed with cancer throughout his body. brain, lung, and?

A: Hun, My Grandma has lung cancer and ahs given up. Her time is soon, and im 15! She is my everything and i love her. She waited to go to the doctor. Get him to quit smoking and drinking. if not , there is no chance. EMAIL me for details. alissanorfolk@comcast.net You should be as optimistic as possible with him. The odds are not good but try to look on the bright side & keep your worries to yourself. the odds are against your friend, that''s for sure He needs your friendship and support now more than ever His dreams are his fuel He may have some time of quality left, including working What will motivate him most is to be able to do things while he can He may do better than expected or worse than expected Yes, you will be saddened at the end of an era, and that it could be you - But...


Is that thing true: using cell phones will cause brain tumors?

A: Sometimes I talk on the phone for hours and hours, and my head feels like there is a pen shoved in it. I really believe it is true. I don''t know how common it is, but excessive use, could cause it. I read in the news that is true, they had some scientific studies saying that long term use of cell phones can be linked to brain tumors, but they said that takes many many years of use... plus they should be curing cancer pretty soon so don''t worry about it. as true as religion wait a second.... There is some belief that it may be linked to cancer, but there is no proof. The truth is that scientists and doctors don''t truly know what causes cancer. If they knew, then there would be advances in treatments as well as preventions. I''ve heard that too. I''ve also...


MRI Results "brain Hyperactivity"??

A: Are you sure they did an actual MRI? i am just wondering how in the heck they could actually tell if there was hyper brain activity with an MRI?Do you have a copy of the actual report?if not,get one.you really DO need to always obtain copies of any sorts of testing that is ever done on you,just so you have your own records.See what is really in that report.trust me,the docs do not always tell you everything that is in them.i have had to have (If my count is still right its getting harder to remeber them)15 MRIs two MRAs and a whole bunch of other tests done over the years and have all reports and the actual films for the majority of them.i found tons of things in them that I was never told by some of the speacialists I have had to see. I would think that the only...

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