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What are the signs and symptoms of brain cancer?

A: brain cancer is rather tricky and can have many symptoms. Headaches, ringing in th ears, distorted vision, gate problems, speech changes. In time, the body can shut down. We lost my sister of 43 to this distorting cancer.. Come on..Who are the people (person) answering these questions. ? Every day lay people or professionals?. My guess would be every day lay people considering they must not know the definition of the word " gaite". It was misspelled so to me that means the answerer is guessing. Why can`t these answers be given by professionals.?. Symptoms associated with space-occupying masses such as tumors can range widely and some the greatest misconceptions exist regarding symptoms of cancer located in the


What are the brain ZAPS? I was misdiagnosed and am withdrawing from Lexapro and Wellbutrin?

A: 29 Feb 2012 Very sorry for you and what happened. I truley hope you start feeling better. I couldn''t imagine. brain zaps are the same reason I stay on a very small dose of anti depressant always. With my other meds my doc doesn''t feel the need for me to take them, but I can''t handle the brain zaps, so I can go every other day and take a small amount of an anti depressant to keep them away. As I read this I just happen to be talking about brain zaps to my husband so I felt I needed to comment. IMO I wold get a very mild anti depressant, meaning one that doesn''t cause any side effects for you and only take a small amount when you feel that your starting to get brain zaps, and eventually...


What is brain Imaging?

A: brain imaging is one of the most marked medical and scientific developments in history. Its implications are widespread and its uses, innumerable. The ability to see the structure and function of the brain has changed the face of medicine forever. Neuroimaging has come a long way since its discovery by Walter Dandy in 1918. The first brain images were taken by a procedure known as ventriculography. Doctors drilled holes into the patient''s skull and injected air into the lateral ventricles of the brain in order to obtain more accurate x-ray images. This procedure, although precise, was tremendously risky and invasive. Throughout the 20th and 21st centuries, various, less invasive and more...

What Is a brain Neoplasm?

A: A brain neoplasm, commonly known as a brain tumor, is a collection of abnormal cells originating within the brain tissue. Depending on its type, a brain tumor may be benign or malignant in its composition. Treatment for this potentially serious condition is dependent on several factors, including the location of the tumor, and frequently involves the surgical excision of the growth, as well as the application of chemo and radiation therapies. Complications associated with this condition are dependent on the location of the tumor and may include seizures, chronic headaches, and impaired vision.. Despite the various manifestations associated with a brain neoplasm, the...


What Is Required for a brain Tumor Diagnosis?

A: A brain tumor diagnosis is usually made after a neurological exam, imaging tests, and a biopsy if necessary. Imaging tests include magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), computerized tomography (CT), and positron emission tomography (PET). A biopsy is often performed as part of the operation to remove the tumor but can also be done using a needle. The removed tissue is then analyzed to see if the tumor is cancerous or benign. In some cases, a doctor may also order additional testing to determine whether the patient has cancer in another area of his or her body that is the source of the brain tumor.. Initial brain tumor symptoms can vary widely depending on tumor size and the affected part of the


hi, i am 23 years old, i have been having bad headaches, with waves of nauseaand i have went to opticians and he said ihave a swelling, so he sent me for aurgent referral to the hospital eye clinic who agreed that i have a swelling,and igot to go back t

A: Hello claireandgareth, The ophthalmologist must have seen some retinal changes, some changes at the opticnerve insertion or papilledema and referred you to a neurologist. I suggest you to go for an MRI to diagnoseany tumor or any changes in the brain and follow up with a neurologist for proper diagnosis. Take care!...

Very frustrated---no epileptiform waves seen yet--just some ''slowing''--I need support

A: Hi there Tanya, It is possible that no epileptiform waves will show, although if you know what triggers it you should be able to induce it so that is some good news for you. As for the MRI, they are a good scanning technique with a good reputation, but the down side is that they can take a while to "read" as you need to know how to do it. Please remember that we are all here for you as much as we can be and I hope you get the answer that you are looking for from the neuro when he has read the MRI Best Wishes Darren...


How does televisoin roat your brain?

A: well lets see your sitting infront of a screen not getting exercising letting radio waves pass thorugh your brain whilst soaking up the media driven subliminal messages turning you into a bucket of consumer conformity. and people do this voluntarily folks. It stunts your intellectual development. When you use critical thinking skills (like solving problems, crossword puzzles, etc)- it''s almost as if you are exercising your mind. If you sit around zoning out in front of the television, you are not exercising your brain at all. when you watch tv you miss out on other things, like learning how to spell coherently the only thing that happens while your watching tv is that you sit down and do no excersize and your


Can you have brain injury from a diabetic coma?

A: This is not the type of question that I enjoy answering. It is likely that your husband has suffered some degree of brain 'injury'. A brain injury is a vague term. At some point the physician may want to do a study to measure brain wave activity. This test is helpful but not definitive. The MRI is not likely to answer your question as it defines the structure not the function of the brain. Having said that some degree of brain insult has almost certainly occurred, I would not despair. It was not that long ago that physicians believed that brain injuries were permanent. In recent years that has been disproven. Once he awakens from...

Is our perception of the world a product of our brain''s configuration?

A: Perception is Definitely subjective. How could it not be? I LOVE THIS QUESTION! Reality is perception. I don''t know what you mean by the “all of us” if all I know is that I am and as far as I''m concerned no one else nessicarly has to exist. There is no possible way of definitively proving that anything else is or that what I see as green is what you see as green. There is no way to extend beyond your mind so Descartes was right in all that I know is that I am. Given that, anything else I perceive to be real is equally valid. The fact that I observe it makes it as real as anything else is no matter what others think. When I was a wee little tot I was bothered by imaging that I was surrounded by monster who had my eyes rigged up to some machine and that I was actually in some...

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