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Mobile phones and brain tumours?

A: The debate is an old one. There have been many items on T.V., as you know, which cite evidence for potential harm, whilst others say that there is no harm. I am not sure that you are correct about radio waves being ''so close'' to microwaves in the electro-magnetic Spectrum, however. Clearly, microwaves do have some effects, otherwise we would not use microwave ovens! However, the low intensity of mobile phone microwaves and their frequency suggests that ill effects e.g. brain tumours, are highly unlikely. Cause and effect are hard to establish here. After all, mobile phones are fairly recent things and more long-term studies are required. Even if a person who has...


What Happens to the brain During Meditation?

A: Several changes occur to the brain during meditation. Scientists have used magnetic resonance imaging, or MRIs, to determine exactly how meditation affects the brain. brainwave characteristics are altered, portions of the cortex physically thicken, the amygdala is less active, and the hippocampus becomes more active. With regular mediation practice, some of these changes remain even after the meditative state is left.. Electrical activity changes radically in the brain during meditation. Beta waves, at roughly 15 to 30 cycles per second, decrease considerably during meditation. They are involved with logical thinking, dialogue, and many if not most of the daily...


Do cell phones really give brain tumors?

A: no, it''s a wierd myth no, where did you hear that from? If it vibrates in your ear there is a chance. And the electric that''s inside the phone kinds of connects to your brain and could possibly knock you right out. No, research say that there are no health issues tied to cellphone use. I have heard that to. My best friend''s mom made her put this thing on her cell phone so she wouldn''t get a brain tumor. Weird huh? It''s not true though. It''s some stupid myth. I don''t have any evidence about it, but I can tell you that we think it can give brain tumors if the person is genetically at risk of cancer. I am in a family with many cancers, no gene is found to explain the fact. My daughter was different since birth,...


brain scan help?

A: Most likely an EEG. ECG is an electrocardiogram. EEG Contents of this page: Illustrations Alternative names Definition How the test is performed How to prepare for the test How the test will feel Why the test is performed Normal Values What abnormal results mean What the risks are Illustrations brain brain wave monitor Alternative names Electroencephalogram; brain wave test Definition An electroencephalogram (EEG) is a test to detect problems in the electrical activity of the brain. How the test is performed brain cells communicate by producing tiny electrical impulses. In an EEG, electrodes are placed on the scalp over multiple areas of the

Is it true that cellphone can cause brain cancer?

A: everything causes cancer As yet I don''t believe anyone has proved this but as poorly designed unshielded cellphones are effectively micro-waving your brain when you use them then some cellular damage must be taking place. Even if it just leaves your brain part-cooked this cannot be good for it.This will only have a significant effect if you use the cellphone a lot. modest use is most likely harmless. Yo, Seabass, you dumbass. Cellphone EMF waves dont go into space; they go to the local bloody cellphone receiver/transmitter tower. Satellite phones beam waves into space. Stop talking out of your ****. I''m pretty sure that one has been discredited. Look how many people use there cell phone...


Is a CT scan sufficient to determine the status of a brain hemorrhage?

A: The most common causes of intracranial hemorrhage are 1) high blood pressure, 2) vascular abnormality, and 3) age related changes to the small outer vessels of the brain (protein build-up making the vessels easily breakable). Other less common causes include a clot in a vein or a tumor. Often, a CT is sufficient to make the diagnosis of a blood pressure related hemorrhage. If the bleed was deep - in parts of the brain referred to as the "basal ganglia" or "cerebellum", particularly in someone with a history of high blood pressure, often a head CT is all that is needed. However, if your dad has 1) no history of high blood pressure, 2)is 65 years of age or under, and/or 3) had his hemorrhage in an outer part of the


no alpha waves

A: Hi Rachel, The "blacking out" could have been from orthostatic hypotension, but the episode of staring and suspension of motor movements doesn"t sound at all like low blood pressure. It is good that your MRI and CT same back normal.  That means that you don"t have brain injury or tumors. What I would do at this time is to have an extended EEG.  This can be done at home with a portable monitor and no video, or, if you take medication for these events, if would be best done in a hospital while they withdraw the medication.  If you do not take any meds for this condition, it can be done perfectly well at home.  The test usually runs from 2-5 days and it is read by an epileptologist. There will be a much better diagnosis after the testing is...

What Is a brain MRI with Contrast?

A: A brain MRI with contrast is an imaging procedure that makes use of a contrast agent to create an enhanced picture of a person`s brain. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) itself uses a magnetic field combined with radio waves to form a picture of organs and tissues, as well as the skeletal system. An MRI can often provide more information than that of other imaging procedures such as a computed tomography (CT) scan, an ultrasound or an x-ray. A brain MRI with contrast allows for a clearer picture than normally available, and is the same as a regular MRI except the patient receives an injection of the contrast agent prior to the procedure.. There are a variety of reasons why a patient might...


Anxiety causes brain burps/spasms/jumps/skip?

A: I had this for the first time in the middle of a SEVERE panic attack two nights ago that brought me to the er. Felt like a ''spark'' or something. The only other thing I can think of is a mild siezure?? I woould tell the doc about it and get an eeg just to make sure you''re not having seizures. Hello...I know exactly what you are describing...and I agree with the other poster that you need to be evaluated with an EEG(that is a brain wave test...painless...they just attach little wires with glue to areas of your head and you just shut your eyes and relax.I''m not sure if what you are having is exactly what I have,but yes it sounds like it could be a seizure type thing without being unconscious.A good neurologist will be able to help you....don''t get...


Does sleeping next to your cell phone cause any damage to your brains or health?

A: I donīt think so. I have never tried it. I always leave mine charging downstairs. No. Research has found no link. that is an awesome question! i''m gonna keep this one on my watchlist :) i hope not, because that''s what i do :( some research say it does but only very minorly. but you should not be worried about that. If it is on, I would not sleep next to it. It is said that you should not sleep next to anything (nothing within 3-4 feet) that is electrical, gives off any waves, etc., that includes cell phones that are left on, digital clocks, heating pads, electric blankets, etc. no the answer is no I would hope it doesn''t I do this every night. Cell Phones don''t cause cancer. What they do is decrease sperm count if left on near the body for a long time. Since...

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