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What are brain waves?

A: i dont know but fahimur does...


Which brain wave state reveals that a person is thinking and problem solving?

A: The beta wave brain state is associated with normal consciousness. It is during this state that active concentration or thinking occurs. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beta_wave...


anyone bought that hemi-sync holosync stuff? the brain wave entrainment audio? w

A: I downloaded hemi-sync audio from emule. I?ve been trying it for about 22 days and I can say I feel more focused when I study. I can say that it has worked for me. You can also download optiMINDzation of Stephen Pierce from emule for free. '' http://www.emule-project.net/home/perl/g......

What Is a Delta Wave?

A: A delta wave is a type of brain wave seen during Stage Three sleep, also known as slow wave sleep or deep sleep. This stage of sleep is believed to be important for physiological function. Studies have shown, for example, that after sleep deprivation, people experience more Stage Three sleep, as though their brains are trying to make up for the period of deprivation. People also tend to be extremely confused when they are woken from this stage of sleep, indicating that the consciousness was very far away from the waking world. Like other brain waves, the delta wave can be identified on an electroencephalogram, in which electrical activity in the brain is recorded...

how music affect the brain?

A: Effects of Music on the Mind and brain How does music influence the working of the human mind and brain? What are the effects of music on the mind and brain? Read on to find out... The study of the effects of music on the mind and brain has been a subject of interest for many. The interconnection between music and the physical and mental health of human beings has been researched since long. The research has concluded that music does have positive effects on the mind and brain of human beings. Music has the power of healing certain ailments. Indian classical music has been found to have the strongest healing powers. Be it about fighting anxiety, be it about speeding...


How does brain activity differ from stage to stage?

A: ... the first stage, low-frequency, low-amplitude theta waves characterize brain activity. Stage 2 sleep, and the brain moves into low-frequency, high-amplitude waves. Stage 3 signals an increase of low-frequency, high-amplitude delta waves, and at Stage 4 sleep these delta waves account for more than half of all brain wave activity ......


Does the alpha state of the brain increase learning?

A: No, you maybe have misunderstood. It increases the ability of the brain to make certain changes that are related to learning. In and of itself, it does not increase learning but rather increases the capacity of the brain to absorb/remember new input. I don''t think it''s that easy that alpha waves = easy learning. A brain state is nothing to strive for or trying to achieve as a prerequesite of proper concentration. If you achieve proper concentration you will enter the proper brain state, not the other way around. Besides, it is hard to control what types of brain waves you have. Im sure the best way to enhance your...


What Are brain Supplements?

A: Many different kinds of supplements are available for different physical and mental needs. Some supplements, such as brain supplements, are created to enhance cell function in particular parts of the body. brain health supplements are intended to increase mental clarity, memory, and other brain operations. Supplements for brain function can be used for several different mental measures. Some herbal remedies and foods are designed to protect the brain against potential toxic harm. Others may slow or reverse the aging process to prevent the loss of cognitive function. Antioxidant defense, increased concentration and memory retention, and higher


Does the brain stay alive after death?

A: everyone else is saying no, but I say yes. supposedly if your head is cut off, you can still see and hear and perceive everything that goes on for like 8 seconds. and no brain activity on a machine supposedly means brain dead, even though the body is still living. but maybe those machines that measure brain activity arent correct. maybe the brain is still living until it dries up completely, just as a flower is officially dead once it is totally dried out. when you find out through experience, you let us know. yes the brain is the last organ to die after death. No it dies, they can actually test it on a monitor to see if there is brain wave...


brain Infection

A: Hello, First of all, I am not a doctor, I am a paramedic and person with epilepsy so I can only speak from my knowledge in those areas.  Also, every person is an individual and it is difficult to say what your mother"s prognosis is since I do not have that expertise.  I am happy to provide general information, but specifics should be directed to her physician.   I am so sorry to hear your mother went through such a difficult time.  I imagine it was difficult on you as well.   As far as the chances of another seizure, the longer she goes without one, if her EEG (the test to measure her brain waves) is normal and shows no epileptic abnormalities, then the prognosis is fairly good that it was related solely to...
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