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What is the cure of cataract?

A: surgery Surgery but see this, http://bionational.com/xcart/catalog/Nu-Eyes-p-7.html well, not sure...short of surgery...but I would say diet is important and eye rest...to live with them....wearing sunglasses(the right ones that don''t hurt your eyes) so it doesn''t get worse. It may be possible with the correct diet to actually reverse this condition....not sure what that combination would be, but I know that carotene would be in there(carrot products), vitamin A Generally, surgery. surgery Perhaps laser surgery. no cure, just removal Cataract Defined What is a cataract? A cataract is a clouding of the lens in the eye that affects vision. Most cataracts are related to aging. Cataracts are very common in older people. By age 80, more than half of all Americans either have a cataract or...


What is the human eye made out of?

A: The human eye captures light waves. When light enters the eye, it is transferred to the optic nerve, which connects to the brain to give us vision.Iris and LensConnective tissue and muscle fiber combine to give us the colored part of our eyes known as the iris. Behind the iris lies the lens, which focuses the light that enters the eye....


Pain Attacks with RSD (Falling asleep or Zoning Out to Deal with the Pain)

A: I don''t have CRPS but it does happen. One believed cause or contributing factor in CRPS is excessive sympathetic nervous system activity. The SNS controls your breathing, heart, blood flows and more. If your SNS is over-revving as your pain attack occurs this could short-circuit blood flow to the brain thus causing you to faint. Make sure you''re near a chair when this happens!    If your SNS is involved then there may be things you can do about it. The autonomic nervous system - which the SNS in a part - is amenable to being retrained and you could try relaxation exercises to try and keep and slow it down and keep it from shifting into overdrive or at least keep it from crashing and putting you on the floor.    This is what one person...


Iam worried in the region of adjectives the pills i am taking?

A: its very exceptionally hard to go and get off of prescription anguish meds. FOR GOD SAKES DON''T TRY TO QUIT COLD TURKEY THAT WILL ONLY MAKE YOU WORSE! and telling the doc may or may not be a obedient idea. he/she may cut you stale all at once, or if you trust them, they might know how to prescribe something to help you quit, single you know your doctor. I know exactally how you feel! it is a nightmare. it become your whole go. its what I call my silent executioner. but you just hold to take it little by little, for me it become an hour by hour thing, you know how nation tell you to rob it one day at a time, powerfully forget that!!! I''m telling you that it can draw from a hold on you quicker than you think! it can littlerally rule your enthusiasm. if you just bring up to date yourself...


How to raise our discriminating power to organize a satisfied life span ?

A: Discrimination and the use of meditation is bit different Meditation trademark you more calmer and relaxed surrounded by many aspects - it is told that wavery mind - consume too much of our liveliness I think what u miserable by discrimination is "VIVEKA" When the mature in you is not contaminated - u will own good viveka -- when facing a situation - ask why, when, what, how - to yourself - what will be the consequence resembling that You can also try - solving quizzes, cross words, sudoku and all which oblige u to think independently Now how to meditate - best if find a guru - and study from guru mukh - or try art of living or courses approaching that If u cannot find Find a quite room and time Sit comfortably - close eye and breath as a rule and bring ur attention on...


How can i try to flay the effects of depression in need medication?

A: The newer medications do not effect any where close by the side effects that the old meds used to wreak. You need to be in motion on medication to keep your mood even and help next to your motivation. One way to keep hold of your mood naturally elevated is to exercise every daylight, just taking a tramp will do it and it will help you loose mass also. If you want to try something over the counter, try St. Johns Wort, a herbal supplement that is used incredibly extensively in Europe instead of antidepressents. It will pinch 3 to 6 weeks for you to feel any effects, but it have been determined that it does work almost as virtuous as prescribed drugs with no side effects. Make sure that you are getting a flawless brand. I would suggest going to a Health Food Store or GNC and asking for...


Anxiety,Depression and Chronic Nausea

A: Nausea can certainly by a symptom of anxiety disorder.  My suggestion would be to consult with another psychiatrist who specialized in anxiety and depressive disorders.  A trial of electrovulsive therapy would be in order if "all" medications have been used, as you say....


Bipolar or anxiety?

A: You certainly do not nouns bi-polar. So many Dr.s approaching to label general public with it and over medicate. I hold anxiety and depression I take an anti-depressant. Effexor and I rob a small amount of Xanax a day. All your symptoms nouns like madness and anxiety attacks which I know are very terrifying. Go to a Psychiatrist then you bring counseling and medication. Just because you had a drug addiction 10 years ago doesn''t miserable you are going overuse your medication''s, You definitely involve to be on more than Prozac, and most Dr.''s don''t'' even give that out anymore, Don''t consent to anxiety ruin your life win some help other sunburn you Dr. I am not in the medical profession but I do know a short time about both things. I suffer from anxiety and your symptoms nouns just...


Anyone so depressed that you only want to die?

A: Yes... and i know ur prob tired of audible range this but you need assist. that doesnt mean your crazy or anyhting but it help to have someone explain everything and what adjectives is going on. i was on lexapro but what help me best is MAKING myself do stuff no matter how i feel. and trust me thats hard to do. but butchery yourself wont help. solely make it worse. but a moment ago stay busy and dont count on others. get a assignment or join a sport. and no business what dont get angry. newly breathe and go on around life. It will be exceedingly hard dont lower than estimate it. k? just know its never too behind to get abet. Good Luck. just shift to a doctor and they can tell if you hold bipolar with a blood exam but you should make an appt. asap. fitting luckThis sounds like your a...


What are the symptoms fro Anxiety/Panic Attack? Is any treatment for this? What makes us to have this?

A: I HEARED somewhen you breath fast and heavily, tingling in your fingers and I THINK you feel sick and het'' up, Sorry I can''t give full details, It was just on TV Once! posting question on Yahoo. no treatment necessary. you have an enquiring mind. raging heartbeat difficulty breathing, feeling as though you ''can''t get enough air terror that is almost paralyzing nervous, shaking, stress heart palpitation, feeling of dread dizziness, lightheadedness or nausea trembling, sweating, shaking choking, chest pains, distress fear, fright, afraid, anxious hot flashes, or sudden chills tingling in fingers or toes (''pins and needles'') fearful that you''re going to go crazy or are about to die Its because you have to much oxygen in your body,if you have them it can be treated.if you do have one...

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