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Can we donate brain tissue?

A: Hi. Best for you to contact your local medical center and they will help you be specific about organ or tissue donation. All the best, Dan Tobin. ...


A bruise brain tissue describes what cerebral condition?

A: A bruise to the brain is also called a brain contusion, and usually accompanies a concussion....

Sister diagnosed with bc 7 years ago- had masectomey and red devil chemo treatment. This year a seizure found 3 tumors in brain, 2 easily removed, not connected with brain tissue. Third removed completed with whole brain radiation. Pet scan revealed some ''tiny'' spots on bone areas- no organs involved. HR-positive and receiving chemo for six months. What are your thoughts/advise on if she can beat this and life-expectancy? If chemo successful, can people go on to live a long life- she is in mid-30''s now.

A: stage 4 disease--- not something that can be beaten per se... no cure. the mission is control of the disease.don''t know how long. depends on how effective treatment is for her specifically. varies with each patient. if Her2neu positive then she may be a candidate for some new targeted therapies to buy some time....

What histology stain should be used for brain tissue?

A: The basic H & E stain will colour a cross section and longitudinal section very nicely. There are other stains if your looking stain specifics such as the myeline sheath....

What causes a brain tumor and brain cancer?

A: idk ask someone who knows gawd Abnormal or unchecked cell growth I assume, same as any other type. As for what causes that to happen I''m not so sure about. Likely the usual factors such as the person is genetically predisposed to such things, carcinogens they may have been exposed to or, possibly, illness caused by a virus. Age may also play a factor. The person''s body may have been able to keep the rogue cells in check when the body was younger but now at their more advanced age the body can''t keep up and becomes overwhelmed. smoke it could be genetics or being exposed to radition? pretty much anything these days causes any kind of cancer. Cancer can travel from one location to another. For example if you smoke and get lung cancer it can travel from your lungs to the


Is brain transplantation is possible and is there any successful result?

A: nope=) You are not "dead" unitil your brain dies. So, if you could get a brain transplant, you would have to kill somebody to get it. So no mad scientist is going to admit to pulling this off without getting convicted of murder. Don''t believe that is possible at the moment. And as far as I know, it''s never been tried, at least in a human subject. No it''s not possible. You would have to cut the nerves to the spinal cord. Whole-body transplant whole-body transplant, or brain transplant, moves the brain of one being into the body of another. It is a procedure distinct from head transplant, which involves transferring the entire head to a new body, as opposed to the


What is a brain Biopsy?

A: A brain biopsy involves taking a sample of brain tissue to help diagnose certain conditions, such as brain cancer. It can also help determine if an infection or inflammation is present in the brain. The sample of tissue taken from the brain is usually small. A brain biopsy may also be done during an autopsy to study certain medical conditions and brain abnormalities. The procedure is usually done under general anesthesia. Prior to the biopsy, a CT scan is done to locate the specific area of the brain where the sample will be taken from. A needle is used to obtain the tissue sample. The needle...

What Is a brain Neoplasm?

A: A brain neoplasm, commonly known as a brain tumor, is a collection of abnormal cells originating within the brain tissue. Depending on its type, a brain tumor may be benign or malignant in its composition. Treatment for this potentially serious condition is dependent on several factors, including the location of the tumor, and frequently involves the surgical excision of the growth, as well as the application of chemo and radiation therapies. Complications associated with this condition are dependent on the location of the tumor and may include seizures, chronic headaches, and impaired vision.. Despite the various manifestations associated with a brain neoplasm, the...

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