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What Should I Know About brain injury?

A: brain injury refers to any sort of injury to the brain, but there are two distinct categories of brain injury that are often used. One is brain injury from acquired causes. This type of brain injury can result from a tumor, a stroke, poison, an infection, and may occur prior to or after birth. But the most frequent type of brain injury is Traumatic brain injury (TBI), in which brain injury is the...

What Is the Process of Recovery from Traumatic brain injury?

A: Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is a head injury causing cognitive, sensory, emotional or motor skills impairment to some degree. Recovery from traumatic brain injury depends on the severity of the injury, the part of the brain affected, the age of the patient, and the quantity and quality of treatment. Early and intensive treatment focusing on the recovery of cognitive functions and other skills is essential. Cognitive rehabilitative services work on memory, learning and problem solving skills. Other treatments focus on speech and motor skills if these have been impaired.. Doctors and researchers recognize that the...


What is Traumatic brain injury?

A: A traumatic brain injury (TBI) is an injury to the brain caused by physical trauma. This type of injury can be especially dangerous, because the brain is a delicate organ, and damage to the brain can cause death or severe disability. There are a number of causes for traumatic brain injuries, and many nations have programs in place which are designed to reduce the risk of such injuries, ranging from safety evaluations of helmets used in sports to early intervention programs at hospitals. Trauma to the head can come from a number of sources, including vehicle crashes, falls, and other accidents....

What Are the Different Types of Traumatic brain injury Treatment?

A: Traumatic brain injury treatment revolves around getting intervention to the patient as quickly as possible and then providing support through recovery. Care providers generally divide treatment into acute, covering immediate treatment needs; subacute, used once the patient is stabilized; and chronic, the long term care provided to brain injury patients to help them recover as much as possible. The best treatment is available through facilities specializing in brain injury care and patients may be transferred, if possible, to get access to better treatment. In traumatic brain injuries, there is a period of time...


What Are the Diffferent Methods of brain injury Rehabilitation?

A: brain trauma is a serious condition that requires careful diagnosis and treatment. This type of injury typically occurs when an individual falls or hits his head. There are several treatments available for this type of head trauma. The type of brain injury rehabilitation used depends on the severity of the injury. It is typically a long process that includes speech therapy, physical therapy, and basic coordination therapy. The brain controls most functions of the human body. When an individual suffers from brain trauma, he may lose his ability to perform basic functions necessary in his daily life. Most


What Are the Most Common Causes of Traumatic brain injury in Children?

A: Traumatic brain injury in children is a relatively common occurrence that can have devastating effects on both the patient and the family. Some of the most common causes of this type of head injury include automobile accidents, bicycle crashes, and falls. Sports injuries and child abuse are also responsible for many cases of traumatic brain injury in children. While most head injuries do not result in injury to the brain, each injury should be evaluated by a doctor to ensure that there is no damage to the brain.. Automobile accidents and bicycle crashes are leading...


Could've riding a very bumpy bus for a long period of time cause brain injury ?

A: Well if your bain is getting jogged about quite often - 30 minutes or more You will be feeling serious pain , due to the bumpyness the brain is moving slightly and hitting the skull over time Damaging the skull and brain Well not realy much you can do , maybe get a taxi but .. nothing else much i can think of. Hope i hepled might cause muscle strain, but that is about it. No, it won''t cause brain injury, the brain is very well protected by the skull and it takes a major blow to cause injury. I don''t know about the brain but I do know that people who have occupations where they spend a lot of time riding...


What Is Traumatic brain injury Rehab?

A: Traumatic brain injury occurs when there is sudden trauma to the head that causes damage to the brain. This can occur in situations such as an automobile accident, a fall, or intentional abuse, such as a fight. The injury to the brain can be permanent or temporary, depending on factors such as the type of injury, the age of the patient, and the area of the brain suffering damage. Rehabilitation after this type of injury is referred to as traumatic brain injury rehab and focuses on helping the patient to regain as much normal functioning as...


What Is Severe Traumatic brain injury?

A: A severe traumatic brain injury is a type of injury that occurs when some sudden external force causes severe harm to the brain. A car accident or a fall from extreme height onto a solid surface, for instance, could cause a traumatic brain injury. Any brain injury can result in a variety of neurological symptoms, including unconsciousness or coma, confusion, sensory disorders, difficulty forming or understanding speech, or any of a range of other problems. Severity of symptoms is generally used to determine the severity of the injury. An individual suffering from a...


What Is Mild Traumatic brain injury?

A: A mild traumatic brain injury is the most common type of injury involving the brain and can cause temporary or permanent damage, although the outward symptoms might not be as noticeable as with a severe injury to the brain. A person who has suffered a mild traumatic brain injury might appear to be dazed, or in some cases, a brief period of unconsciousness might occur. brain scans are often normal when a mild injury occurs, although the patient might experience symptoms such as headaches, memory problems, physical deficits or mood swings. Most...

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