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Supplements & the blood-brain barrier

A: Hi Amie sorry for the delay. It is unfortunate that your daughter is dealing with a genetic disorder. The approach i would take for tumors are proteolytic enzymes, make sure they are enteric coated so they dissolve in the intestinal tract and not in the stomach where they will work as a digestive and the amino acid Arginine 500 mgs 3 times daily. as for the blood brain barrier it will whatever it needs to pass into the brain. if the circulation is not up to par then the amount of nutrients that would be needed will not be presented. and i have never heard the statement about dosage. of course low dose vitas are a waste of money when you are dealing with a situation. My Daughter (14)...


blood brain barrier

A: Hi, Sabiya, Thanks for your question. Relatively easy - any drug that is designed to be given orally, i.m. s.c. or i.v. and acts on the brain MUST cross the blood-brain barrier. e.g. opiates (morphine, methadone, meperidine), anxiolytics (diazepam, temazepam), SSRI"s (paroxetine), anti-psychotics (chlorpromazine, promethazine). Drug needs to be lipid (fat) soluble to cross the BBB. OK? Paul  ...

Drugs and the blood/brain barrier

A: Response from Dr. Pierone Most of the HIV medications cross the blood-brain barrier to varying degrees and studies have been done to correlate virologic control of HIV in spinal fluid and blood. With standard combination therapy for HIV it is very unusual to see significant evidence of viral replication in the brain when it is controlled in the blood. Even for Kaletra, that in the past was felt to have poor brain penetration, has been shown to have good brain levels as testing methodology has improved. But the answer to you question is yes, at least one medication that crosses


My wife, age 52 was dx with stage 3 grade 3 her2+++ PR/ER neg BC Sept 06. Neoadjuvant TAC chemo, mastectomy, one positive node, radiation, Herceptin and Navelbine. 6 Herceptin treatments to go to the end of cycle and she developed a single, and solitary, brain tumor in the left temporal lobe. Successful resection followed by 5 Cyberknife treatments to tumor cavity and 2 mm margin. Pet/ct scan, bone scan, and post surgical brain mri all clear with no evidence of residual tumor in the brain nor any other areas of concern in the brain. She will have another brain mri in a couple of weeks and every 2 months afterwards. She is getting ready to start Tykerb/Xeloda in a few days and my question is this. If scans had remained clear until the Herceptin treatment had ended, that would have been the end of treatment and she would then have been watched closely. Why start another chemo treatment with all extracranial scans, and brain scans to date, being clear. I have found only less than spectacular results from studies concerning, not Tykerb''s ability to cross the blood brain barrier, but its effectiveness in the treatment of brain mets. Am I missing something? It seems that in the likelihood that more of these tumors will pop up in the brain, the treatment will be more from the Radiation Onc than the Med Onc. I want my wife to have the best treatment that gives her the best chance at survival. I''m just not understanding starting more chemotherapy during a time when she has no evidence of disease. Does the presence of the brain met mean she probably still has active extracrainial disease that has been suppressed by chemo and Herceptin to the point that it doesn''t show on scans but is likely still there? Is the Tykerb/Xeloda treatment realy effective or is it just the best we have right now. She been through so much and I just don''t want her to go through more things that untimately will make no difference in the outcome. Thank you for your time.

A: the possibility that every cell in the brain is gone is an assumption... remember microscopic disease elsewhere in the brain can''t be seen on any scans. Tykerb does have the ability to cross the blood brain barrier. wouldn''t be it better to take it in the event only a small amount of disease needs to be attacked then to have to wait until later when a large tumor manifests itself? the goal here is longevity with good quality of life. you''ve both been aggressive with her treatment thus far. sounds like the doctors are saying to stay at that pace. you can always seek a second opinion elsewhere. remember this service isn''t designed to function as a second opinion....

Greetings,My question is, have any chemotherapy trials been successful in treating brain metastases from breast cancer?Are any such trials currently open?Also, other than temozolomide (temodar), what other chemo agents are capable to penetrate the blood-brain barrier?Thank you

A: check with the NCI regarding possible trials. the challenge is that there is a blood brain barrier that protects the brain from poisons-- and chemo, in general, is a poison. gamma knife is being used though....

blood brain barrier Question

A: Response from Dr. Pierone There is good brain penetration of this regimen all three medications cross the blood-brain barrier and in particular nevirapine (Viramune) has good central nervous system levels. There was a study that looked at switch from either AZT or d4T to abacavir (Ziagen) for lipoatrophy (facial thinning is part of this syndrome) and there was some improvement noted after the switch. You have had an excellent response to therapy and with excellent adherence should do well in the long run. The combination that you are on has been available for about 5 years now and clinical experience with it has been very good (our experience has been favorable as well). I don''t think that...


blood brain barrier effectiveness

A: Response from Dr. Pierone Yes, there should be no problem with adequate blood-brain barrier penetration with this regimen....


Can a protein ever cross the blood-brain barrier?

A: It is very unlikely that a protein would ever cross the so-called blood-brain barrier (BBB). The BBB has very stringent size and charge limitations, which would prohibit large charged macromolecules like proteins from crossing. While there are psychoactive peptides and protein modulators of signalling pathways, I do not know of any use of a protein or peptide as a CNS drug. aloha psilo...


Does Valium cross the blood brain barrier?

A: Yes. Valium (diazepam) does indeed cross the blood brain barrier. It is one of the more lipophilic of the benzodiazepine medications.. ...

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